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Jerusalem artichoke syrup: properties, how to cook at home

Jerusalem artichokes are often called "Jerusalem artichoke" or "Jerusalem artichoke", the name of the plant was due to the presence of tubers, which are suitable for human consumption. Benefits and harms of Jerusalem artichoke syrup and other products based on the tuber - is the subject of much discussion among the supporters of a healthy diet.

Composition and calorie syrup artichoke

The plant was brought to Europe in the early XVII century from Brazil. Wild species can still be found in North America. In Russia, it spread to the north-west European part. Many consider it a relative of the potato, but this is misleading because the real artichoke belongs to the genus of sunflower family Asteraceae. It speaks of belonging to a perennial herb.

According to the chemical composition of Jerusalem artichoke looks like a potato, but it is nutritionally superior to vegetables several times.

Tubers used raw, boiled, fried or sauteed. Of these, prepare salads and drinks, canned and dried. Often, Jerusalem artichokes can be found on the territory of the city parks or recreational areas as a decorative appearance, which promotes increase soil fertility, poor and can serve for the next barrage of colors that are prone to damage due to the strong wind.

Composition syrup from artichoke is completely dependent on the chemical elements which are rich in roots. The drink is prepared by pressing and boiling. It is sold in specialized departments, as well as prepare yourself.

The peculiarity of syrup - it is unique in its content of valuable substances - fructans. In Jerusalem artichoke are represented by 1-connected inulin required for the most important chemical reactions.

The benefits from the use of the syrup from artichoke detected by analyzing the effect of nutrients, which is rich. It contains:

  • citric, malic, fumaric, and succinic acids;
  • trace elements (including - manganese, iron, silicon, potassium, calcium);
  • essential amino acids (lysine, methionine, leucine);
  • polysaccharides;
  • vitamins B;
  • vitamin C;
  • oligosaccharides;
  • pectins;
  • dietary fiber special kind.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup glycemic index

Syrup from tubers of Jerusalem artichoke has a nutritional value equal to 267 kcal. A special feature of carbohydrates - the slow transformation into energy rather than fat deposition of sediments.

The glycemic index of foods is necessary in order to analyze their ability to influence the rise in blood glucose. Index syrup from artichoke is 16 units: the lowest figure.

Jerusalem artichoke syrup for diabetics has benefit as a regulator of blood sugar levels. The systematic use of molasses leads to a decrease in insulin requirements of patients.

What is useful Jerusalem artichoke syrup

Syrup has a beneficial effect on various body systems. Researchers at the properties and effects of this plant on the human allocate the basic mechanisms:

  • An increase in the body's defenses, strengthening the immune system. With regular use increases the resistance to various infections and viruses, so it is recommended as a means of prevention during seasonal epidemics.
  • Strengthening the mental activity of the brain, improving concentration. This property is used as an additional component in the diet of people with serious mental load (during writing research papers of students, students' exams, protection of research projects at the faculty and graduate students).
  • Enhancing physical activity, increased endurance. These properties are used for administration as a syrup artichoke additional additives to the diet of athletes or people having increased physical load connected to the main branch.
  • Promotion of strengthening and the formation of bone and muscle tissue. This property is important when planning the diet of school-age children and adolescents.
  • Strengthening stability in stressful situations, promote normalization of blood pressure.
  • Preventing cancer (syrup consumption reduces the risk of cancer cell development).
  • Regulation of the digestive system (the content of dietary fiber contributes to a special type of digestion system normalization and output of pollutants.).
  • Participate in the normalization of water balance.
  • Stabilization of blood pressure reduces the risk of arrhythmia.

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for immunity

Syrup artichoke contains an increased amount of vitamin C. In addition, it is nicotinic acid, which contributes to greater absorption of the ascorbic acid. the ability of artichoke syrup can be attributed to this property affect the strengthening of the immune forces and act as a potent immunomodulatory agent.

for anemia

Composition molasses is especially valuable because of the increased iron content. This mineral is important for the body, since it contributes to the delivery of oxygen to tissues and cells. Iron is essential for the normalization of blood flow, improve blood and its clotting. Iron deficiency affects all aspects of the activities, there are such symptoms:

  • fatigue;
  • drowsiness;
  • lack of appetite;
  • decreased immunity.

These are signs of anemia. The iron content of the drink does artichoke useful for people suffering from anemia of various kinds. It is recommended to be taken daily over the course appointed expert as a comprehensive means of treatment.


The use of artichoke syrup with weight loss related to its ability to normalize metabolic processes, as well as to cleanse the body of toxins. Fiber and dietary fiber have a special type of property to remove toxins, without affecting other important processes. Furthermore, in the preparation of the basic diet is considered inclusion products with carbohydrates slow type, which can be transformed into usable energy, and is not harmful in the form of excess fat deposits.

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