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Red mountain ash: the benefits and harms, the healing properties of what to cook

Red mountain ash growing in areas with a temperate climate. It is distinguished by a sweet and sour taste and bright red color. The main value of the plant is the rich content of vitamins and minerals. Benefits and harms of the red mountain ash are determined on an individual basis. In some cases, the berry helps to cope with serious illness in others - is harmful to health.

Composition, caloric and nutritional value of red rowan

Red mountain ash is often used in cooking and folk medicine. It acts as a decoration to decorate dishes and supplement vitamin salads. On the basis of rowan often prepare savory sauces for meat and fish. In folk medicine actively applied not only berries, but the bark and leaves. The use of red ash to the human body due to the rich composition. It includes the following nutrients:

  • magnesium;
  • iodine;
  • zinc;
  • cobalt salts;
  • folic acid;
  • silicon;
  • organic acids;
  • groups vitamins E, B, C and A;
  • manganese;
  • iron;
  • carotene.

100 g of red ash contains 50 kcal.

How useful red rowan

Due to the large amount of vitamins red rowan acts as a therapeutic and preventive agent for avitaminosis. According to the content carotene it surpasses carrots. Due to the presence in the composition of sorbitol, it is allowed to use in food for diabetics. The most pronounced curative properties of red ash include:

  • improved digestion process;
  • increase blood clotting;
  • a diuretic and choleretic action;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • elimination of toxins from the body;
  • elimination of pathogens;
  • strengthening the vascular wall;
  • stimulation of the thyroid gland;
  • preventing the transformation process benign into malignant cells;
  • reduction of harmful cholesterol levels;
  • slowing the aging process.

For men

Men can use the red mountain ash for prevention of prostatitis due to diuretic properties and ability to improve blood circulation. At regular eating, berry prevents stagnant processes in the pelvis. For men of mature age benefits berries is prevention of hypertensive crises, strokes and heart attacks.

For women

Since ancient times, the mountain ash was considered an effective means of contributing to the reduction in the amount of menstrual flow with abundant bleeding. Useful properties of the red mountain ash for women due to the high content in the composition of vitamin K. In menopause daily intake of food about 30 g of berries helps to cope with unpleasant symptoms. As part of the household masks Rowan acts as a rejuvenating and restorative component.

For kids

Due to the sour taste, not all children are willing to eat the berries. But pediatricians argue about the necessity of its presence in the diet. Rowan allowed to give children between the ages of 2 years. Due to the content of nutrients, it contributes to the proper and full development of the child. In the season of colds berries can be used to strengthen the immune system. The child free to use the products in the food, cooked from it compotes, jams, fruit juice is used for skin lesions.

For the elderly, athletes and diabetics

For elderly people use red ash is to eliminate pain with dysentery, rheumatism, gallstones and intestinal atony. If you take the product on a regular basis, you can postpone the aging process.

Rowan is considered an indispensable element in the diet of people who are professionally involved in sports. It stimulates the immune system and has anti-inflammatory action. The use of berries for people with diabetes is in its property to regulate metabolism. In addition, it has a restorative and regenerative effects. That Rowan did not cause harm to health, it is recommended to use in accordance with established standards. The day is necessary to use not more than 100 g


The presence of red berries in the diet helps to lower cholesterol, thereby preventing obesity. For these purposes, berries use not only in pure form but also in the form of herbal tea. When used properly, Rowan helps keep your figure in shape. It is important not to abuse the sweet desserts with fruit content. In this case, Rowan will harm the health and figure.

Comment! Useful Berries have a laxative effect, which is important in case of problems with digestion.

Can one red rowan pregnant and lactating

Benefits and harms of red rowan health raise questions about the possibility of eating berries. Product use during pregnancy is to eliminate oxygen starvation of the fetus and excretion of harmful substances. Due to the astringent taste and sour berry applied as an effective means of eliminating toxicity symptoms. But to use it with caution, after consultation with a gynecologist. This is due to the property of berries lead uterus tone state. In this case the product is harmful to the baby.

Despite the benefit of the red mountain ash, while breast-feeding her use undesirable. Damage to the berries is that it is considered allergenic foods. Her presence in the diet can cause skin rash in a child.

The daily rate of consumption of red rowan

Red rowan has damage in the event that the product exceeded the daily norm. In this case, the symptoms of an allergic reaction. Maximum product dosage is 150 g per day.

The use of the red mountain ash in folk medicine

Useful substances contained in all parts of the plant. For the preparation of traditional medicine use fresh fruits and leaves. On the basis of medicinal plants are made decoctions, tinctures, and the infusion of berry juice. Each recipe includes adhering dosage composite components and step cooking algorithm. Most often, the funds are taken orally. In some cases, they are applied to the problem areas of the skin surface.

Juice of red rowan

Medicinal properties of red ash juice you can use it to rinse the mouth. It improves the condition of the gums and removes them from bleeding. Internal receiving juice normalizes the digestive work and restores salt metabolism. The juice is prepared by the following recipe:

  • 2 kg of fresh fruit poured 2 liters of water and boiled until until berries are soft.
  • Using a sieve slurry is separated from the juice.
  • Ready juice is poured into pre-pasteurized and banks close their cover.

A more convenient alternative is to use juicing juicer. Folk remedy would be more useful if it is not separated from the pulp. Physicians are advised to take into not only pasteurized but also fresh juice. Therefore, some of the product should be left in the refrigerator

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