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Want to improve the growth and flowering houseplants? Mineral water will help you with this

Every time I get myself a new houseplant, for me the question is: How to care for it, so it is best grown and bloomed well?

I recently read a part of the fertilizer, which was previously used when watering. The composition is very similar to the composition of the mineral water contained therein and there mineral salts.

Ie fertilizers can be replaced by mineral water? Let's look at this issue.

Not all plants need salt, for some it is even detrimental. For those plants that need this fertilizer should be approached to watering wisely. Water the flowers should certainly be mineral water without gas, so if you still have a bit of mineral water, be sure to pour her some flowers.

Do not forget that mineral water is a fertilizer and they should not be abused. There are many opinions, some say it's good, someone says no. It is better to see for himself.

I sometimes watered cactus mineral water, but before that I have to defend it for about a day. He needs calcium to form a needle. I do not do it more than once a month.

But here it is not necessary to water the orchid mineral water, even once. Generally at frequent watering potted plants mineral water, on the ground surface in the pot appears salt coating, which is very harmful to plants.

To this did not happen, it should be diluted with mineral water supernatant ordinary water, that is, use it as fertilizer. In this case, stop doing mineral watering.

Important tips:

1. If you have a mineral water with gas, open and leave to settle. Enough one day.

2. Use it is not often, as a fertilizer, preferably dilute, for 5 liters of supernatant conventional water-1 liter of mineral.

3. Always serious about the choice of mineral water. Look for mineral water with a little chlorine.

4. Do not water mineral water your flowers often. Suffice it once a month, not often.

If you decide to water the flowers room mineral water, choose it with a minimum content of chlorine. Chlorine in large quantities can harm the very plant that can cause even death of your flower.

Watering mineral water, a complex issue, and everyone decides for himself how to be better than his plants. I do not mind such experiments and watering some plants.

Of course, 100% you do not replace fertilizer with the water, but you can make your holiday houseplants once a month to carry out such watering.

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