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How to care for Spathiphyllum in the cold season to flower bloomed gorgeous

Spathiphyllum, also commonly known as "women's happiness" is much like calla lilies, but unlike them - unpretentious and can please the aristocratic beauty bloom even in the dead of winter at home windowsill. The main thing - to provide him with adequate care.

Among the main measures, novice and experienced florist should keep track of.

Winter Spathiphyllum needs a feed additive, and, nitrogen should be removed - they activate the growth of greenery and inhibit flowering.

So the right choice - complex fertilizers with a predominance of phosphorus.

You could also try the means to nourish and strengthen the immune system - sometimes flowering does not occur at the weakened plants.

These include:

· yeast starter - ensure the prevention of fungal disease. In 1 liter of water was dissolved 1 tbsp. l. sugar and 1 hour. l. yeast soaked in warm 2 h and diluted with pure water 1: 5;

· banana skin - makes Spathiphyllum less whimsical to temperature. 1 banana peel cut poured 0.5 liters of water and insist 72 hours.

Any feeding is made not more than 1 time in 2-3 weeks.

Spathiphyllum is extremely dangerous for waterlogging of the soil, as it deprives him of the possibility to fully 'breathe' and flowers in such circumstances, if formed - then quickly fade. In addition, the soil should be light and regularly loosened.

Spathiphyllum normally exists at temperatures between + 13 ° C to 25 ° C, but for the formation of flower buds, they should be in the range from + 18 ° C to 23 ° C. Contraindicated drafts and abrupt temperature changes (especially in the direction of heat).

The light should be scattered, and the color will not, if you keep the plant under bright sun all day, or hide in the shade.

It argued that the pots must be such that the root system of plants was not crowded. And in summer, when Spathiphyllum roots fill the pot more than 70%, he needs a transplant.

And, of course, that the winter they are older. But transplant at this time will not allow the plant to bloom, as this is possible only when the roots fill the entire space of the pot.

Finally, if all the conditions have been created, but not Spathiphyllum blooms, you can "get" it.

For this purpose, a plant to endure balcony (as the coldest room in the building at a temperature not higher than + 12 ° C) for 2 weeks, and then returned to the room and fertilized.

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