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Caring for roses in the fall: learn to properly prepare them for the winter

Proper care of the rose in the fall will not only protect the "queen of flowers" from the winter cold, but also to maximize the flowering period.

The main objective of the grower - in time to stop the lush flowering rose bushes, to prevent freezing of the young shoots.

To do this, the first decade of September held a variety of agro-technical measures, allowing to prepare roses for winter.

What should be done in the fall

Optimal month for farming activities to care for roses and their preparation for winter will be September. For the southern regions it will be the last days of September. For the northern latitudes, where the frost comes earlier deadlines will move to the beginning of the month.

Conventionally, all procedures can be divided into several stages:

1. Weeding - removing weeds and annual plants around the pink bushes.

2. Interrupting the lower leaves to a distance of 15-20 cm from the ground.

3. Adding phosphorus-potash feeding.

4. Painting shrubs trunks, which will protect the plants from infection. For this purpose, a special garden dyes or latex copper oxychloride.

5. Hilling after the drying by using dry materials - sawdust, peat, the dried soil, sand.

6. Removing withered shoots, buds withered, plucking small butoniziruyuschihsya colors. It is important that the temperature in these days stably kept within +5 C.

7. Creating an additional shelter - if the greenhouse is not present, you can hide shrubs brushwood burlap, the dried mown grass, spruce branches, etc.

If the weather is warm, then trim the shoots rose bushes can be postponed to a later time. Otherwise, this action will encourage the plant to produce young shoots that simply will not survive the harsh cold winter.

Preparing roses for winter

The first thing that needs to be done in late autumn - it is dry and every bush rose garden to pests and infections did not choose this place as a shelter during the winter.

To this end, over the bushes set high arc, and then create improvised hotbeds of film.

To the high bushes have not made a hole in the shelter and are not damaged, you need to gently bend long branches to the ground.

In the autumn necessary to stop watering the roses, loosen the soil to keep the nitrogen, which is in the soil needed for a prosperous winter. Determine whether the rose bush to cold quite simply ready. It should not be young shoots.

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