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How to and why soar feet in the cold, reviews

Benefits and harms of steaming feet - an important topic, because inadvertently performing procedures can be dangerous to health. In order to understand when you can and can not carry it out, you need to carefully study the effect of the procedure on the body.

The use of procedures

Steaming feet - one of the main mineral procedures recommended to conduct at the first sign of a cold. It is believed that timely steaming can activate the immune system, and as a result of colds generally be avoided.

Useful properties of procedures are based on the fact that when immersed in hot leg foot bath occurs vasodilation. Blood flow is accelerated, the body temperature rises slightly, and increased activity of leukocytes and lymphocytes - protective blood cells. The immune system of the human body begins to work actively, so that a virus or infection meet strong resistance.

Useful decoupling allows you to stop the first symptoms of the common cold and sore throat, helps with breathing difficulties and lung fever. In addition, the feet are placed biologically active points of the human body - if they float, it will also help the body to resist disease.

In what diseases it is useful to soar legs

The common cold is the main indication for the fact that soar legs, but use procedure brings not only with SARS or influenza. Traditional medicine recommends steaming and other disease states. Namely:

  • in dry cough - if you soar feet in hot water, the benefits will be that fast starts sputum, and thus become more productive cough;
  • with a coldEven if the expiry of mucus from the nose is not accompanied by temperature, the procedure will still help relieve congestion and release the breath;
  • Undertemperature useful soar feet with mustard adult, it quickly will allow to warm up and return to a normal state of health;
  • with calluses and corns - hot water softens the hard skin, calluses and then easily removed with a pumice;
  • insomniaIf soar feet before going to bed, the benefits will manifest itself in an instant relaxing effect, and it will help to fall asleep faster;
  • with fatigue - a hot bath will relax tense muscles and ease of return movements;
  • useful soar feet in gout - it helps to remove excess salt from joints and delay the onset of the next exacerbation.

Soar legs effectively and fungal diseases, particularly antibacterials adding to hot water. Pathogenic bacteria are quickly killed, and the infection will resolve within a few days.

Is it harmful to soar legs

Despite these beneficial properties of the procedure, many people believe that by decoupling the body gets only very harmful. The truth is in the middle between the two statements.

Benefits and harms of hot foot bath depends on how properly performed medical procedure. In some states, steaming actually can be dangerous - a rise in body temperature and vasodilatation will cause only harm and have a negative impact on health.

When you can not soar legs

Damage from steaming can be obtained to carry out a useful procedure in a state where the temperature increase and the acceleration of blood circulation is extremely undesirable.

during pregnancy

The procedure is beneficial and harmful to women - to soar legs can not during the period of gestation of the child. Under the influence of hot water vessels expand, not only in the legs, but also throughout the body, particularly in uterine tissue. From this it can develop a strong muscular contractions, and they are fraught with miscarriage in early pregnancy or premature birth, if the child until the light is not much time.

Thus, it is necessary to stop soar legs immediately after becoming aware of the pregnancy.

Attention! Soar feet when breastfeeding is allowed - a procedure already poses no risk to the baby.

However, women feel at the same time should be good - when the temperature is available, heart disease or at increased risk of internal bleeding soar legs still do not.

For varicose veins

Varicose veins - a disease that is characterized by a marked unhealthy veins on the legs. Since the steaming hot water dilates blood vessels even more, with varicose veins of useful procedures have to give up, it will only worsen the situation and cause harm.

At a temperature

Despite the fact that the main indication to soar feet is cold, at an elevated temperature to make hot bath can not. Useful procedure raises body temperature, and if the patient is already a high fever, this has a negative impact on his health. The temperature will rise even more, and it will be difficult to bring down. Also, further speed from the hot water circulation creates unnecessary strain on the heart and weaken the body.

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At elevated pressure and cardiovascular diseases

For hypertension and cardiovascular diseases characterized by rapid circulation, which creates a constant strain on the heart and blood vessels - and this load is harmful. Accordingly, to carry out decoupling in diseases such smoking - state may significantly deteriorate immediately after the procedure. Not excluded sudden pressure surges, or tachycardia - no use to the body of it is not.

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