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The best varieties of tomatoes, which must be in the next year from successful farmers

As an experienced gardener, I often are planted various kinds of tomato varieties and has for a long period of time can to say which of them are really high-yielding, and which of them are suitable for planting in the open priming.

If I need to get the early-maturing varieties of tomatoes, in this case, I choose the brand of "Crimson ring":

· Tamada fruits of this may be up to 200g;

· Have a pink color;

· Brush consists of tomato fruit from 7-8;

· Shaped fruit reminiscent of apples.

With proper care, with one square meter can be assembled up to 16 kg.

Another unpretentious sort of tomato is the "Watercolor":

· An average it matures within 120 days;

· Low bush varieties of tomatoes;

· A plum shape;

· Resistant to various kinds of diseases;

· It can be used not only for cooking various kinds of salads, but marinade.

To get the tomato crop in any weather, be sure the soil planted with tomato "Market King F1»:

· Middle-tomato;

· Harvest his stable;

· Resistant to various diseases;

· If the brush produces a lot of fruit, it will require garters.

If you want to get a large variety of tomatoes, in this case, you should opt for this sort of as "the Eagle's beak".

This tomato:

· Strong immunity;

· Much fruit;

· Product has good qualities;

· If there is a long time in the sun, its taste its sweet.

Observing all the rules on the cultivation of tomatoes, you can collect one square meter up to 10 kg.

For the early varieties of tomatoes choose a hybrid of "Overture". This tomato ripening for up to 100 days after sowing.

The main characteristics of this tomato following:

· Have a high yield, with a single bush can be assembled to 6 kg;

· Fruit weight is 100 g;

· Form of his round;

· Meaty tomato taste sweet;

· Has a long storage period.

This year also grew a variety of tomatoes as "Alsu". As a result, we can say that:

· This early maturing variety of tomatoes;

· It can be grown in a greenhouse and open field;

· It is suitable for preservation, as a rule, it is made from tomato juice and canned salads.

To collect high yields, I often planting tomato varieties such as "Eupator F1»:

· Bush tomatoes at this fairly high;

· It is necessary to pinch;

· Fruit of this variety is not prone to cracking;

· Perfectly ripen;

· Can be used not only in conservation, but also in a variety of tomato products;

· If the tomato timely watering, you can collect high yields.

Before planting tomatoes every experienced gardener guided already acquired knowledge from the landing and This necessarily next year could conduct an experiment with novelties that appear on the market seeds.

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