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The best varieties of cucumber, which must be in the next year from successful farmers

Even as a child my mother and grandmother taught how to properly collect the seeds of cucumbers to their plant and harvest next year. Today, a variety of grades is so great, which is quite difficult to determine the order exactly what to plant.

Every housewife picks up some cucumbers it needs. Someone like greenhouses, others prefer gherkins, while others grow large in salads.

How to select seeds of cucumbers

Currently, farmers offer a wide selection of seeds, which you can choose according to personal tastes and preferences.

On the choice of a particular grade may be affected by such indicators:

· Maturity;

· Size of the fruit;

· Yield;

· taste qualities.

Visit the shop of seeds buyer needs to carefully study the information given on the packaging. The thing is that the cucumbers may be intended for the soil or the greenhouse.

With regard to the ground, they are pollinated by bees and the number of fruits are directly dependent on the quality of treatment by insects. Usually cucumber planted in the soil are less susceptible to changes in temperature and different diseases.

If the unstable climate of the region, these plants can withstand changes in temperature and give a good harvest.

For locations closer to the northern parts of the country preferred to plant cucumbers in the greenhouse, where they can, under favorable conditions to give good yields.

Each variety has its own peculiarities and characteristics

Depending on the variety of cucumber depends their size and quantity. If the housewife is engaged in conservation, it is preferable to use small cucumbers.

These varieties are considered "Masha", "Phoenix", "gherkin". The average size of cucumbers is 10-15 centimeters. Such cucumbers convenient to preserve, as well as to get in the winter of banks.

Some housewives make the old-fashioned pickles in a barrel, it is preferable to use a larger variety.

The options are many and each one can choose exactly what suits him. Depending on the timing of the landing of the seeds the plants performance will vary.

Today, a wide range of seeds is presented in specialized online stores, where everyone can find exactly what you need in the catalog.

Beside each pack of seeds there is detailed information about the type and characteristics. With this information, even a beginner can not only plant, but also to gather a good harvest from his garden.

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