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Eucalyptus: useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of eucalyptus have been well studied for several centuries its universal application. The unique properties of potent plants used in traditional and folk medicine, cooking at home. Eucalyptus oil has helped mankind overcome a lot of dangerous diseases, and today is a member of cosmetics, hygiene products, antiseptics.

Looks like and where it grows eucalyptus

Eucalyptus - heat-loving plant in the family Myrtaceae, native to Australia. Although habitual culture habitat - tropical or subtropical regions, some kinds of high-fine tolerate temperatures down to 20 ° C.

For the growth of beneficial trees are suitable for any soil, some species do not harm even swampy soils. The plant is well-known property of easily withstand critical climatic conditions. Trees can grow directly out of the water, to experience long-term drought and re-grow after a forest fire.

Thanks to the useful properties of eucalyptus, a plant spread across the world. Since the late 19th century, different kinds conquered Asia, Europe and the Americas. The Russian utility giant trees take root only in the Crimea and the Black Sea a few regions of the Caucasus.

Eucalypts are developing very rapidly, the main growth occurs in the first 10 years after planting. This property makes the culture is very useful for areas requiring urgent landscaping. Most species has a straight, thick trunk. Periodically updated bark can be smooth, covered with scales, folds, fibers.

Depending on the species of crown can take many forms. The leaves are lanceolate and the edge turned towards the sun, so give a little shade.

Large flowers are composed almost exclusively of stamens and may be the most diverse color: white, yellow, all shades of red to purple. Buds collected in umbrellas or loose panicles. A useful feature is the color to attract a large number of bees.

Fruit, reminiscent in different species of ball, bell or box that mature within one year. Germination of certain seeds can be more than 10 years, some specimens tend to germinate after many decades.

eucalyptus species

The tallest recorded tree in the world belongs to the subspecies royal eucalyptus, reaches 100 m in height. At the beginning of the last century, the use of wood was in the production of paper from it. Today, this type is used in construction and furniture manufacturing.

Tsineriya - look, well accustomed to the European climate. In Russia, the useful plant is found on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. Kind often referred to ash or silver, for the color of rounded leaves. Useful, beautiful tree is often grown at home, and designers are using it in the interior.

The most valuable for medicine are Eucalyptus globulus and prutovidny. They are used for the production of pharmaceutical products in almost all growing countries. The use of eucalyptus leaves is rich in chemical composition and the presence of a rare substance that can have a therapeutic effect on the human body.

The chemical composition of eucalyptus

As raw material for the preparation of medicines used leaves. The most useful component in their structure is an essential oil. Its content is almost the same in both fresh and dried raw materials may reach 4.5%.

Most useful properties due to the high content of eucalyptus cineol, a terpene compounds. The essential oil extracted from leaves, its content reaches 80%. Cineol Furthermore, the use of the plant is determined such active substances:

  • volatile;
  • gallotaniny (tannins);
  • organic acids, including coumaric and cinnamic;
  • esters;
  • aldehydes;
  • bitterness.

Besides oil, the leaves contain a lot of useful microelements and other biologically active substances, but eucalyptus powerful healing properties, the presence of the terpene compounds are defined generally and volatile production.

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