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The original method for growing juicy dill without an umbrella

Dill, perhaps the most popular herbs in the world, is grown on the fluffy fragrant and lush sprigs of savory umbrellas.

But it so happens that I want to enjoy all the summer first, and the appearance of the second delay as possible.

There are two groups of fennel varieties - with flowering earlier and later, to the second concern, in particular, Amazon, Salute, Brawler, Alligator. Another useful to know that early varieties come into bloom sooner than mid-season and late. But there are no varieties that do not form umbrellas in principle.

The timing of the appearance of umbrellas, splendor and richness of greenery, is also directly influenced by the conditions of dill growing - what they less favorable, the plant will soon tends to stop its development and put the remnants of the forces on the formation of seeds.

But even if the sow dill early spring - green is because it is a cold-resistant culture. Although, for optimum development temperature should be + 15-20 ° C.

Under dill the beds should be given a sunny place. And you can not skimp on the watering - pour water of the culture is difficult, but if the soil is prone to waterlogging - is recommended to combine the root irrigation with drip irrigation in the morning or in the evening.

But perhaps the most important secret of growing dill without an umbrella is to sow it, not as accepted, rows, and tiny clumps or by holes.

Due to the high planting density, culture forms a dense bush in which is formed a favorable microclimate with shading.

The procedure is as follows:

· Prepare fovea diameter 8 and a depth of 10 cm;

· Moisten the soil;

· Pour into a hole the whole bag of seeds;

· Pour the loose soft ground.

Immediately after planting, watering is not necessary - it will only hurt, bury seeds beyond measure.

Nice to grow fresh herbs, dill sure to fertilize, but meticulously selecting dressing - as it can accumulate nitrates. A good option can be the infusion of fresh nettle flooded with water in a ratio of 1:10 at night.

In addition to supplying nutrients, this filtered fluid also protects dill from many pests.

Preferring this method, and adhering to the above rules, possibly until the autumn to ensure your table fragrant gentle greens.

It is also important to note that dill is grown from seedlings, it gives the green is not so good, so to grow without an umbrella - just seeds.

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