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Whether fluoro toothpaste Harmful, its role in the body

Fluoride - an essential trace element for the human body. It is necessary for safe operation of almost all organs and systems. Including the teeth. But few people realize what are the benefits and harms of fluoride in toothpaste.

The role of fluoride in the human body

Everyone knows about the existence of fluorine still at school. It's one of the periodic table of elements. In many sources it is denoted by the letter F, as in the table. Clean gas is fluorine, poisonous and corrosive to the human body. But in all products, toothpaste element is contained in the form of salts - sodium fluoride and calcium fluoride. He, on the contrary, brings the body to use.

Important! Useful properties of the element are disclosed when it is strictly in the body in the required amounts. Its surplus, as well as the lack of brings only harm.

The use of trace element fluorine is extremely high for the human body. It is necessary for normal bone mineralization. The substance attaches to the bone strength and elasticity. Under the influence of fluoride activates the growth of nails, hair. Other useful properties of the trace element expressed in the least, but they have a place to be:

  • increasing organism resistance to pathogens;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • stimulation of the formation of blood cells in the bone marrow;
  • Cleaning the body from heavy metals.

The use of fluorine tooth

Use fluoride toothpaste is to protect teeth from caries, strengthening the enamel, inhibiting propagation of pathogenic organisms. Trace element also prevents the calcium out of the teeth.

It protects teeth from caries

On the enamel tooth surface constantly exposed acids contained in the oral cavity. Prolonged reaction of the crystalline lattice of enamel splits. A cavity, blackened with time. Since caries develops.

Useful property fluorides in toothpaste is that it penetrates into the crystalline lattice of enamel and makes it more resistant to the acidic environment. Moreover, it is effective not only for the prevention but also for the treatment of caries in the early stages. If the surface caries, does not penetrate deep into the tooth, it is possible to try therapy toothpaste with fluoride. But, most likely, will have to resort to additional therapies.

prevents decalcification

The undoubted benefits of fluoride for the bones and teeth - calcium mobilization in them. Trace element facilitates the transition from the blood of the ions in the body's tissues. This process is called remyelination. Saliva generated during cooking, on the contrary, contributes to demyelination, or decalcification.

When the body of calcium and phosphorus ions are integrated into the crystalline lattice of enamel in a larger amount than usual. This prevents them dissolving in the development of the saliva. Thus, the phosphorus protecting teeth against decalcification.

strengthens enamel

The main component of enamel - calcium hydroxyapatite. Fluorine contained in the toothpaste in contact with the crystal lattice of the salt. Formed new connection - fluoro hydroxyapatite. That is, the trace element replaces calcium. The new formation is more strength and resistance to acids of the oral cavity.

It inhibits the growth of pathogenic microorganisms

Another beneficial effect of fluoride on the teeth - inhibition of growth of pathogenic microorganisms contained in plaque. In the course of its vital functions bacteria secrete special enzymes necessary for the breakdown of carbohydrates and their absorption. Fluoride is able to prevent the development of these enzymes. Thus, suspended growth of pathogenic organisms.

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