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5 Important Rules Pears crop

Many gardeners planted pear trees to get delicious juicy fruits. For a good crop you need to properly carry out pruning, but in this case, the tree will be able to live long and healthy produce and succulent fruits.

In most cases, the pear tree may independently form the crown, but in order to improve performance, it is necessary to trim the plant annually.

When pruned pear

Circumcision pears produced in the spring, when the tree is only departs from the cold. It is important that the kidneys are not began to blossom, and there was no juice in them. According to different specialists pripadaet this period, when the temperature varies from -10 to +5 degrees Celsius.

Pinpoint the time of cutting is difficult, because each region has its own particular climate.

What is the frequency of the pear crop

If each year to trim the tree, it is possible not only to correctly form the crown, but also to achieve the maximum yield from the plant.

It is important to make a first cutting to further crown formed on the available height, and there are no difficulties with the harvest.

Sapling cut at a height of one meter after the rise, will be a crown is not available during the harvest.

How to form the crown of the tree

You should know that if the trees need to form the crown as possible transparency. Firstly, the access of light improves the development of the plant, and secondly, the fruit ripens better.

To cut pears need to arm themselves with a tool that branches are not damaged, and the tree did not hurt.

The tool can be used as:

· Scissors Pruner designed for thin branches.

· Manual or mechanical saw, which will help to remove the thick branches and trunk.

· Pruner with long handrail or a special mechanism to remove the branches on top.

· The ladder by which one can rise above and make easy cutting of branches.

After cutting thick branches cut place should handle oil paint or varnish, thus preventing infection and tree disease.


Depending on the age of the tree cutting is done in different ways. All the matter is not only in the number of branches, but also on how they grow.

You should know that we should not completely cut off the vertical branch through them you can plant trees that will crown one have two types of pears.

Proper care, circumcision pears will enable the gardener to not only have a beautiful tree, but also to obtain a good and rich harvest.

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