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What kind of flowers to plant in the fall? Advice from experienced gardeners

Lovers raznosortnyh colors should always be a responsible approach to the process of planting, since each type has its own characteristics and even seasonal characteristics.

For example, in the fall you can sow not all flower bushes, but only certain types. This is due to their rapid habituation to the ground in the cold and dense rooting that allows the colors in the spring to please the eye.

In addition, autumn flower species - ideal for upgrading the gardens or flower beds in this season, not only with the beautiful in terms of decor, but also due to undemanding in care.

If planted in the summer varieties require more time and effort for irrigation due to excessive heat and drought, the autumn nature takes care of the future beauty, regular watering it rains.

Such subtleties experienced gardeners know, but the novice florists better to get acquainted with the name of the flower species that are suitable just for planting in the fall season.

Detailed information can not only buy the necessary seeds, but also additional ground warp.

Planting flowers by month

Autumn - a loose concept, even for those who like to plant flowers in this period.

Therefore, there are specific rules to follow, even experienced gardeners, flower bulbs that really caught on and exactly blossomed.

Firstly, certain sow flower seeds should be strictly on the auspicious month for them.

1. In September, always trying to land tselnolukovichnye melkolukovichnye and plants, which are also called "long-term", because they will bloom for several years.

All the matter in the bulb, so rich in all the necessary elements for the power plants in the winter.

This category may include luxurious or unusual perennials klemantisy, daffodils, tulips, hyacinths, peonies, Adonis, lily;

2. In October recommended to do planting hyacinths, garden lilies of the valley and some varieties of tulips such as lily or terry;

3. According to many gardeners, November - the most unpredictable month in the calendar in terms of the weather. But those who bought a late tulip bulbs, may try to plant them in this month.

That they have taken root, and gave their flower "fruits", requires specific conditions in the form of stable temperature characteristics - not less than 5 degrees. Otherwise, the bulb in the ground will freeze and stop in growth.

Therefore, to grow tulips in November, should be at home in a pot. Just this month, sow spring adonis, sedum, campanula, echinacea.

Experts strongly recommend to sprinkle the soil with peat, and on top of it to put dry leaves, which help to keep the right temperature for bulbs.

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