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The use and application of carrot tops

Carrots can rightly be called the queen of all vitamin and vegetables and a favorite of many, because without her cooking does not pass a wide variety of culinary delights.

In popularity and consumer demand among residents of European countries, the bright orange vegetable yields only potatoes. Carrots are available to everyone, not only due to its pleasant prices, but also due to its presence on the shelves at any time of the year.

The fact that the fruit can and should be eaten all know, because of its composition contained the necessary macro-and micronutrients the body, beta-carotene, but the very tops are often simply sent to trash can.

In fact, this upper part is not less useful to human health than the bright base.

How useful tops and where it is used?

Before you throw this part, you need to think ten times that of some important elements of the person refuses consciously.

That is why we can speak of its healing properties for the body and use in several areas: cooking, cosmetics and medicine.

1. Underlying upper part carrot present minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, copper, zinc. With respect to vitamins, in part botvyanoy have groups A, B, cellulose, proteins.

In addition, it contains several times more ascorbic acid and nicotinic than the orange fruit;

2. Carrot tops rich in this pigment is indispensable as chlorophyll, which serves as a barrier to the development of malignant tumors, does not give problems epidermal character climb out, and normalizes blood circulation and purification of harmful elements;

3. Cellulose, which is sufficient in root, improves the overall process of digestion and intestinal function, displaying all the accumulated toxic substances;

4. Due to the complex of vitamins B, there is activation of the brain and nervous system;

5. Plant affects the reproductive system, improving its work due to porphyrins, preventing as well the development of impotence;

6. Green tip of the essentially normalizes the lymphatic system. For example, when there is complete blood diseases cleansing it of toxic substances;

7. Plant is especially useful for women's health and beauty. For example, the mask nourishes the hair bulb foliage plant elements responsible for hair growth and thickness.

Lotions and creams of this part of the carrots completely renew the skin face, refreshing and rejuvenating every cell.

When labor is often used a decoction of the leaves, in order to reduce the pain threshold mothers and stimulate contractions of the uterus;

8. In some countries, the tops are not just added to the main dishes as green, replacing it dill, parsley and cilantro, and of her soups, salads, pies and even desserts.

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