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Abdominal breathing: the benefits and harms, appliances, reviews

In our everyday life, not all are thinking that you can breathe in different ways: the benefit or harm to health - stomach or chest. What are the characteristics, benefits and harms of diaphragmatic breathing belly, its distinction from breath-feeding and how make a natural physiological process became therapeutic for the body, it is necessary to know in details.

types of breathing

All methods of breathing can be divided into three main types:

  • Clavicular or upper breast.

In this method of breathing raised his shoulders and ribs protrude. He often peculiar to people with low levels of physical activity and smoking lovers. The reason - the wrong way of life: work in a sitting position, absence of sports or stressful situations. Moreover, it is the upper respiratory damage may eventually manifest disease of the internal organs and of the digestive system problems, and lowering of the body's stress.

Interesting! In stressful situations, as well as in the states of fear, anger or excitement people automatically start to breathe upper thorax.

  • Breast, or intercostal.

During this process of breath chest tends to rise and expand when the abdomen, shoulders and collarbones remain in place. This means that in the breathing process involved the central part of the lungs. This way of breathing is more efficient, but still restricts the movement of the abdominal muscles. It is inherent in men and middle-aged women with a normal physique.

Interesting! In the dream, all women have a tendency to breathe it means breast.

  • Abdominal or diaphragmatic.

With this breathing abdominal wall comes forward - thanks to the pressure of the diaphragm. Consider this technique and its properties.

What is diaphragmatic breathing

The phrenic breathing main working body protrudes muscle separating the chest cavity from the abdominal. This muscular partition tends to shrink at a breath and lowered, causing the stomach relaxes and comes forward. During exhalation, the diaphragm, on the contrary, rises in the form of domes and pushes air out of the lungs. Phrenic way to find the most natural and beneficial, because for its implementation body spends a minimum of effort.

Use abdominal breathing is what organism when used maximally enriched oxygen (due to the fact that involved nearly all the useful volume of the lungs), thus minimizing harm to the oxygen starvation.

Interesting! In the dream, the men tend to breathe in this way. And the fact that newborn babies breathe as diaphragmatic breathing, speaks in favor of his natural right. As they get older the child's body "retrained" and goes on not so useful pectoral kinds of breathing.

Benefits of abdominal breathing

The efficiency diaphragm breathing method for whole body, primarily by eliminating the psychosomatic blocks.

In chronic effects of stress factors of the modern world in humans due to the constant tension of the muscles, including - the abdomen and pelvis, formed the so-called muscular corset, a source of psychosomatic problems. Relaxation of the stomach are removed bearing damage mental health units.

Abdominal breathing is practically not bear harm to the body, but its advantage is difficult to overestimate, because it:

  • It helps burn fat: this shows their beneficial properties for weight loss;
  • because of the blood oxygen saturation improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • enhances ventilation, as it employs almost the entire length;
  • It carries benefits for the vocal apparatus, freeing it to work;
  • improves the functioning of internal organs - at the expense of their massage diaphragm;
  • It has beneficial effects on the intestine, contributing to getting rid of constipation, bloating and other problems;
  • It is of particular benefit to women: through quality abdominal breathing can improve facial skin, reduce wrinkles, and various inflammatory processes.

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