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Vinegar of weeds: How to breed and use - the best folk recipes

The main problem of all truckers, farmers and gardeners are weeds. Fight hard with them. But one efficient and environmentally friendly means capable of resisting their growth. We are talking about vinegar.

Means prepared on the basis of vinegar, destroying not only the green part of the weeds, but also destroys their root system. This allows a pronounced positive result.

Inside the plant violated the metabolic processes, vegetation stops cells weed dies and then dries his root system.

It will not be degraded condition of the soil, which retains its beneficial microflora.

There are recipes on the basis of vinegar, which perfectly struggling with any, even the perennial weeds:

1. Ten liters of water is necessary to boil. Add to it a half liter of vinegar and a packet of iodized salt. All components of the mix. Pour hot solution of weeds.

2. Mark liter 40% vinegar. Add the liquor soap in an amount of two tablespoons of salt and 150 g. Ingredients mix thoroughly. Before processing, they weed, must be covered with a film other plants.

Watering ready means of weeds is necessary so as to cover the entire ground segment.

3. Another effective means is made of 20% vinegar and clove essential oil. For one liter of vinegar taken tablespoon of oil.

The resulting liquid through atomizer processed leaves and stems of weeds.

The oily solution destroys plant structure and repels pests.

4. When the task is urgent to get rid of weeds, you can use another existing recipe. In 500 ml of vinegar necessary to dilute juice obtained from five lemons, 50 ml of alcohol and any tablespoon of liquid soap. The components are mixed.

Solution watered weeds, capturing their entire green part.

To treatment of weeds with vinegar really brought a positive result, should be guided by the following rules:

· Perennials processed in the autumn, spring annuals;

· During the processing time neighboring cultures must be covered with foil;

· For the convenience of the plants can be sprayed with a brush to affect the entire surface of the weed;

· Mixing the different components is important to observe strict proportion.

A great alternative to chemical agents that help control weeds, is the vinegar.

He quickly broken down in the soil, destroying the roots of unwanted plants and does not accumulate in the fruit ripens next crop.

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