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In petunia leaves turn yellow? The main reasons for resuscitation and beauty

Petunias lead among indoor and garden plants, the variety of grades and colors vying with the roses, captivating ruggedness and long flowering period.

Yellowness leaves - a common problem when they are growing. The reasons which may be different, and each - has its solution.

The first reason - a surplus moisture

This flower is more receptive lightest drought than excessive watering, in which the root system affects rot and petunias weakening of the stem completely. To correct the situation, you need to:

· Loosen the soil to accelerate the drying (dry powder can be calcined sand);

· In severe cases - to remove the damaged part of the plant, processed slices fungicides;

· Do not be watered for several days.

The second reason - unsuitable temperature

In the open ground planted when Petunia afternoon air is warming up at least 18 degrees, and at night the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

If the leaves of the plant first darkened and then turned yellow in them should be sprayed with a weak water as first aid any solution of ammonia fertilizer, and then build a shelter for insulating (potted petunia evening, put them in a better house).

The third reason - fungal diseases

The most common flower striking powdery mildew. This may contribute to the already mentioned waterlogging and soil thickening greenery. The leaves turn yellow, not only, but also covered a touch reminiscent of dust.

For the prevention of the seat can be treated "fundazol". Of the disease helps the infusion of garlic - 30 g per 1 liter of water.

The fourth reason - an unbalanced diet

Yellowness leaves may indicate a deficiency of a number of elements:

· Zinc;

· Magnesium (leaf curl);

· Nitrogen (only the lower leaves turn yellow);

· Sulfur;

· Iron (new color captures the leaves between the veins).

Petunia assistance consists in making these minerals.

The fifth reason - the attack of pests

Petunia eating insects cause a weakening of the whole plant (and often his death), and yellow leaves - one of the first indicators. And especially to be feared:

· Aphid - sucks juice is destroyed tobacco extract (60 g in 10 liters of water);

· Whitefly - its larvae cling to the base of the leaves and stems, the drug helps spark;

· Spider mites - not only in the open field, but in the greenhouses, draws juices, destroyed drug Fitoverm.

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