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5 tips to gardeners who want to change the place of strawberry

How to obtain high yields of strawberries, without too much hassle? Of great importance for the crop yield is the right choice of location and soil preparation for growing. Just 5 simple tips will help multiply the harvest of delicious berries.

Site selection for plantation

For the strawberry is necessary to choose a flat area, not shaded by trees and buildings. In the shadow of a culture can grow and bear fruit, but the ovaries is laid on the bush berry and less a less sweet.

Plot with gradient split into a terrace, forming a flat bed. On the slope of the rains will wash away the soil from the garden, exposing the roots of the plants.

If the site is located in an area with strong winds that blow snow, strawberry beds cased around the perimeter of low shrubs. Plants serve as the scenes to delay the snow and berry not vymerznet winter.

previous culture

Strawberries recommended after planting plants without strawberries common diseases and pests. It vegetables and herbs:

· onion;

· carrot;

· Beets;

· Cucurbits (cucumber, pumpkin, zucchini);

· Legumes (peas, beans);

· Lettuce, radish.

Strawberries can be planted after the green manure crops and cereals.

Do not place the crop after tomatoes, potatoes, eggplant. In its place the cultivation of strawberries can be returned in 4-5 years.

strawberry neighbors

On the neighboring strawberry beds recommended to grow legumes, cabbage, cucumbers, onions and carrots. It is considered useful to place along the ridges of strawberry flowers marigolds and garlic, these plants repel pests with their aroma.

The soil for strawberries

Culture prefers loose, humus-rich soil with a neutral or slightly acid reaction. Ideal - a fertile loam. The composition of the soil for strawberries include humus, peat, coarse sand, garden soil.

Fertilizers for Strawberries

Before transplanting a bed is charged with fertilizers. Per 1 square. m portion is made:

· Humus from 5 to 10 kg;

· Wood ash 200-350 g;

· Superphosphate 60 g;

· Potassium sulfate 30 g.

Superphosphate and potassium sulfate may be replaced by a complex fertilizer for strawberries (Kemira, Gera WMD). Nutrient granules to the soil, according to the instructions.

Fertilizers are added to the soil while digging for a few days of planting strawberries. The treated soil should settle and the fertilizer solution to become available to plants.

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