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Spicy food: benefit and harm

Hot spices and condiments are in great demand as add variety to the diet and reveal facets of taste of the foods. The love for acute flare can real passion. There are even specialty restaurants for the fans, for example, dishes with pepper. However, not everyone is aware of the consequences of satisfaction of "burning" desire. Benefits and harms of spicy food - a question that nutritionists have no clear answer. And weighing the "pros" and "cons", everyone finds their own, their own for themselves.

What substance gives food acuteness

Before embarking on the study of the benefits and harms of spicy food, it is worth a little understanding of its structure and mechanisms for obtaining the unique taste effect.

The whole point of special receptors - temperature. It is surprising, but they react feeling of heat on the particular substance in the composition of spicy food - capsaicin.

Capsaicin - an alkaloid, which in large numbers contained in the chili, as well as plants of the genus Capsicum. By its nature, it is a colorless crystalline substance with a strong pungent taste, which has not only irritating to the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose, but also in the skin.

Capsaicin is not a toxic product and is not harmful if swallowed, but with a strong Effects of the substance on the body picks up useful internal mechanisms can be harmful body.

The concentration of capsaicin in a pepper measured via visual Scoville scale, according to which the value of pure capsaicin still 16 million units. Burning properties of the most hot peppers in the world on a scale of only 1.5-1.6 million units. Cayenne pepper, Jalapeno pepper pungency have about 8 - 50 thousand. units.

Those people who are just beginning to experiment with sharp little useful option would be to start with a low dose and gradually increase it, depending on the reaction of the body.

How useful spicy food

Benefits and harms of spicy foods for the body to determine the number of its unique features.

Virtually every national cuisine, you can find various kinds of dishes with the addition of spices. The use of spices and pungent foods - in their properties significantly complement the taste of the food and excite the feeling of hunger.

But not everyone knows that in addition to the functions of taste such food has many other useful features.

It improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system

Thanks to capsaicin spicy food has a nice feature to change the condition of blood vessels: through education nitric oxide, which in turn helps to expand the blood vessels, lowering blood pressure and current regulation blood.

Experts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong conducted an experiment, the results of which confirmed the benefits of spicy food in the prevention of cardiovascular disease. Capsaicinoids in its composition tend to significantly reduce the level of "bad" cholesterol, the thus not allowing to develop diseases such as arteriosclerosis, hypertension, coronary heart disease heart.

Useful capsaicin is also evident in its ability to prevent the development of cancerous tumors. Therefore, the use of a small red pepper once a week may just prolong the life of man.

improves digestion

Many people believe that burning the food has only harmful to the body, causing heartburn and severe digestive problems.

However, studies conducted in Asia, have shown that people who do not eat food with the content capsaicin were exposed heartburn is three times more than those who actively use such products in their diet. The very same capsaicin gives our stomach favor of stimulating the digestive system, burning fat and speed up metabolism. Useful properties of spicy food and concluded in its ability to protect the stomach from damage effects of various drugs, chemical additives and toxins.

increases appetite

It is known that acute-salty food provokes the production of gastric juice. However, statistics showed that despite the acute ability to increase appetite and food lovers alike rarely overeat. This property is well helps control the amount eaten.

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