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Sodium benzoate: what it is and what it is harmful

sodium benzoate, also known as a food additive E211 benefits in various industries. It is common in many countries, including Russia, Ukraine, the USA and Australia, but the benefits and harms of sodium benzoate is not fully understood, and researchers are controversial to this day.

What is sodium benzoate, and what is it for

In appearance, sodium benzoate is a white solid with a weak almond odor. It has a powder structure. In pure form not found in nature, since it is synthetically derived compound benzoate. Last in very small doses found in some berries and plants, but for industrial uses it in large quantities are synthesized in laboratories.

Sodium benzoate has opened a German chemist Wilhelm Hugo Fleck. In the course of his experiments he attempted to synthesize a substance on the principle of action similar to salicylic acid. The production of this acid was very time consuming and required to create a less energy-intensive analog. Vleck did it in 1875.

Besides the fact that sodium benzoate is more expensive to produce, it brings also many benefits. This food supplement has useful antibacterial properties and inhibits the growth of yeast and fungal cultures. It also slows down the course of oxidative processes, this property makes it an effective preservative.

Where used sodium benzoate

The most active sodium benzoate used in the food industry, as it can retain its chemical properties at all temperatures. Its properties are useful in a good solubility in water, whereby it is used in the production of many kinds of products. sodium benzoate also has the ability to enhance the flavor and a long time to keep food fresh.

E211 is a component of some medicines and hygiene products through another useful ability: to prevent the growth of bacteria. These beneficial properties of this additive have been used in the treatment of schizophrenia and hyperammonemia.

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Benefits E211 is great and in the manufacture of perfumes and cosmetics. He applied and in pyrotechnics to create fireworks. Useful antiseptic properties useful for inclusion in the composition of sodium benzoate inhibited paper, which is used for protection of aluminum surfaces in the aeronautical industry.

The sodium benzoate is dangerous

Despite the numerous studies on the impact of sodium benzoate on the human body, at the moment the question of its benefits and harms is still not fully understood. Back in 2007, British scientist Peter Piper, watching the action of various acids on living cells, advanced suggested that a dose exceeding the food additive E211 may cause irreparable damage to the internal structure of the cell the human body. Mutations at the intracellular level, in turn, can lead to a number of diseases of the nervous system such as Parkinson's disease. However, data about the dangers of E211 mutations have not been confirmed to date.

It is known that the properties of sodium benzoate, when used in some cases, can have a negative the impact on the body of people with asthma, allergies and dermatitis, and may even exacerbate these symptoms diseases. E211 harmful effects also recorded in combination with certain chemical substances, which will be mentioned below.

Important! Contrary to popular belief, sodium benzoate does not accumulate in the human body. Due to the property of reacting with the glycine is converted to hippuric acid and safely excreted in the urine.

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