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Benefits and harms of BCA (BCAA), what do you want and how to make

Benefits and harms of BCA - an issue of interest to not only professional athletes, but also fragile women. To understand the properties of sports nutrition, it is necessary to study the structure and scope of the BCAAs.

What are BCAAs (GCA)

An acronym GCA stands for one of the most useful and public sports supplements. It actively used by professional and amateur bodybuilders weightlifting, BCAA is used in most sports, which play a very important volume of muscle mass because it is responsible for muscle growth. Notes and the use of BCAAs for girls - supplement allows you to quickly burn off excess fat.

In fact, BCAA is a complex of three important essential amino acids, those that can not be synthesized in the body alone. Get The GCA is possible and together with a normal diet, but sometimes the use of additives is more convenient and rational.

The composition of the BCAA and release form

In sports nutrition stores benefit agent can be found in two main forms of release - in powder and capsules. Both options have their advantages: more convenient capsule taken orally, but useful powders are distinguished by a low cost.

Regardless of the form of additive GCA have the same composition and properties. They include three amino acids:

  • leucine;
  • isoleucine;
  • valine.

Three of these substances with branched chain are responsible for the construction of protein compounds in the body. You should be familiar with their properties a little to appreciate the role of GCA more.


Isoleucine BCA serves as a source of energy for the body. The presence of isoleucine in the blood is especially important during periods of intense power loads. If it is too low, inventories are consumed quickly at the same time reduced the level of leucine, and muscle tissues begin to decay. Accordingly, the scope of the muscles of an athlete is reduced, lowered power rates and endurance.

Useful isoleucine in the blood must be present in sufficient quantities, and in moments of great famine. At this time, as there is an active power consumption - with a shortage of BCAA the body again starts to get the necessary materials at the expense of muscle tissue.


GCA leucine responsible for the synthesis of protein compounds. Without this substance, most proteins can not simply be formed within the body. Leucine is required for muscle formation. And it's not just about excess amounts, which are interested in weightlifting, but also the most common muscles needed every healthy person. With a lack of leucine in the blood starts the weight loss process, deteriorating health, and there is a lack of energy.


VSAAvalin - another source of energy for the body, is very important in the process of building muscle. Furthermore, the amount of valine in the blood is directly related to the level of serotonin hormone responsible for endurance, the physical vigor and good mood. Damage from a lack of valine is a breakdown and loss of performance - monitor the level of the GCA should not only athletes, but also ordinary people.

How do the BCA

Typically, weight training aimed at increasing mass. However, during heavy loads often starts the reverse process.

  • In an effort to make up for the loss of energy, the body is taken to break down the BCAA, turning them into glucose.
  • The level of valine, isoleucine and leucine in particular in the blood drops sharply.
  • In order to return the balance of substances to a normal level, the body starts protein digestion process, removing from it the GCA.

Thus, the training does not lead to the desired result - the volume of muscle tissue or remains unchanged or decreased altogether.

Supplementing BTSAA for mass recruitment to minimize muscle loss risks. BCAA substantial margin provides the body accessible source of energy and prevents the destruction of protein compounds. In order to keep the energy up to the mark, the body does not have to break down the protein back into amino acids, the amount of valine, leucine and isoleucine are already enough for a productive workout.

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