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How to rejuvenate the bush of black currant and improve crop

Under the rejuvenation of berry bushes understand garden special procedure that promotes productivity and improve the palatability of the berries. Normally rejuvenation requires the old bushes.

But recourse to it and to restore currant, strongly affected by pests or diseases having an irregular or excessively dense crown, the root system damaged.

In fact, rejuvenation - it's just the removal of unnecessary branches, shoots. But such a simple enough operation has on the plant a lot of positive effects and currants including:

· Receives more moisture and nutrients from the soil;

· Better ventilated;

· Heals enhanced photosynthesis.

As a result, to yield added yet strengthening the immune system and less sensitive to adverse external factors.

As for the timing, it is better not to postpone it for many years to growing currants, when it is guaranteed to begin to bear fruit worse. Wiser to slowly rejuvenate the plant from the very first year of planting.

By removing the fall branches (shoots)

· Mechanically damaged or having markings diseases;

· Dried;

· Forming too thick mass;

· At the bottom, most shaded part of the bush;

· Gave last season's poor harvest of berries;

· Bad, poorly developed odoletnie processes.

And definitely remove branches over three to four years - the bulk of the harvest, they do not bring.

According to experienced truckers, cropping is more safe and effective way to update currant bush than a transplant to a new location.

But if you choose a transplant - it is carried out in the spring (before the swelling of the kidneys), or in the fall after the end of the growing season (when fallen leaves). And until frost should be left at least a month - to currants had time to take root in the new location.

In any season - in cutting branches must remain a stump in 2 centimeters in length.

Rejuvenation pruning is always carried out in dry weather, disinfected instruments. And they should be well honed - for ease of operation and minimum injury to the plant.

The finishing touch rejuvenating pruning is recommended to make a good pruning tips left on fruiting branches - it activates the growth and contribute to the formation of large berries.

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