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Top 5 mistakes in growing roses in the garden

selection decades downgraded 'moodiness' Roses, but still - the gardeners need to know the most common and serious mistakes in growing this flower.

The first mistake. Improper landing place

When choosing a place for the roses, the first should be put not "how beautiful" and its compliance with the requirements of the main plant. It should be remembered that rose:

· Love sunshine maximum hours a day (except for some pletistyh varieties);

· Need warmth, and with his lack of slow recycling of nutrients (especially dangerous for them cold north-eastern and northern wind);

· Can not tolerate wet soil (where the roots of lack of oxygen) and feel good only in a neutral ground (pH 6-7).

The second mistake. Improper planting grafted roses

For such colors root neck should be left 2-5 cm below the soil surface. When the place of grafting is situated above the ground, sprouts and fresh buds flock to the growth of the rootstock and wild growth robs the cultural part of the plant valuable substances.

When planting roses in loamy soil neck deepened less in sandy - more. It is important to note that too much of its immersion in the land is fraught with rotting roses.

The third mistake. Improper dressing

The first year the spring "treat" for roses to be complex mineral fertilizer with a predominance nitrogen, which in the future will only hurt for a season - weakening the ability of plants to properly carry winter.

Roses lacking during budding potassium and phosphorus - can not normally form luxurious flowers bloom faded rapidly and lose their pitch after cutting for bouquets.

The fourth mistake. Incorrect pruning in summer

Once the first flowering completed - always cut dried flowers. Skip this step provokes knotting onto seeds, which eliminates further formation of buds.

The fifth error. Poor preparation for winter

At the end of the season make fertilizer in mid-September, at the latest - otherwise the roses do not have time to reset the biological processes in the "hibernation".

It is dangerous to be left on the bushes concealable dry leaves - one hundred percent probability they will be a great "home" for the pathogens that attack the rose garden in the spring.

If you hide the roses too early - they will take it as a signal to the growth of shoots, so it is advisable to carry out harboring a flower garden after the first frost, when all plants in nature, in principle, are beginning to move into a stage wintering.

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