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How to transplant lilies? 10 simple rules

Lily - a beautiful perennial flower. But to this flower to please us with its beauty, it should be transplanted. Number of transplanting depends on the chosen class.

But, on average, is about once every three years. There are two versions of the transplant in spring and autumn. transplant term also depends on the variety.

Features transplant in spring and autumn

If we talk about the fall, then, in this season the bulbs are dormant and are very convenient to transplant. If lilies that grow in your area, early wither, then they should be transplanted when the land is not yet beginning to freeze.

This time is at the beginning of autumn. Before winter lilies grow stronger, they take root, and prepare for the winter frosts. Transplanting the fall is much simpler than the spring transplanting.

It is important to remember that transplant lilies should not be after September.

What about the spring transplant? As has become clear, it delivers more trouble. But if your lily blooming late, and getting cold early, no other choice. It is necessary to dig up bulbs in the autumn lilies (somewhere in October).

Store them until spring in a plastic bag with holes in the refrigerator. In mid-spring (late March, early April) should conduct a landing plants. Earth should already be well-heated.

The rules of the transplant lilies

Once you have decided on the best time to transplant plants you need to go to the process:

1. Must be cut lily stem directly from the earth.

2. Dig lily bulbs. Be careful in order not to damage the roots.

3. Inspect and remove any dead parts of plants with bulbs.

4. If chive fell apart on their own, separate small part of it with a knife.

5. Will hold the bulbs in potassium permanganate solution or malathion for thirty minutes.

6. Dig well (pre, learn what will be most suitable depth).

7. Pour into well sand (take a small amount).

8. Put in the hole lily bulbs.

9. Sprinkle the roots of sand.

10. Fill the earth, spend mulching using peat or sawdust.

Note that each class lilies its features. Therefore, everything must be chosen individually (hole depth, planting time). As has become clear, spending transplant lilies are not so difficult. By following these simple tips, this business will be successful.

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