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Lime: useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of lime depends on many factors. The fruit can help improve health, if you follow the recommendations for its use. As well as citrus and could harm that this does not happen you need to carefully examine the contraindications.

What is lime

Lime - Fruits of citrus family, round in shape, and sometimes elongate. Color bright green, peel thin, sour taste with a characteristic bitterness. In size usually less than a lemon. Ripe fruit - yellow on one side. Green fruit is edible and has a more pronounced flavor.

Main countries suppliers of fruit - Brazil, Peru. Mexico. Small lime trees at home are growing plantations. In the eastern cooking is used not only fruit, but the dried leaves as a seasoning.

The composition and caloric content of lime

The fruit is full of minerals and vitamins. Low calorie allows you to use citrus without harm to the figures. Lime contains a small amount of fat and carbohydrates. A large concentration of citric acid and dietary fiber help to digest food faster.

100 g of citrus contains 29 mg of vitamin C. Of the minerals in the composition is isolated following elements:

  • iron;
  • sodium;
  • calcium;
  • zinc;
  • selenium;
  • potassium;
  • magnesium;
  • phosphorus.

This combination of minerals beneficial to the heart and kidneys. Vitamin composition: almost all group B, A, nicotinic acid, tocopherol, retinol.

The characteristic flavor of fruit give the essential oils has beneficial effects on the psycho-emotional state of a person.

The lime is useful for the organism

Bring benefits to the body juice, pulp and peel. Thanks to its rich and unique composition, they will help to strengthen the health of adults and children. To all good citrus went to the body, the fruit is completely consumed fresh.

For women

Lime Benefits for women is as follows:

  • Due to vitamin C, lime is useful for the venous system. Regular consumption strengthens blood vessels and normalizes blood pressure.
  • Flavonoids in the composition maintains the elasticity of tissue. Regular consumption of citrus slow down skin aging.
  • Properties citrus accelerate lipid metabolism and helps burn calories.
  • Leads to normal hormonal women during menopause and violations of the cycle.
  • Folic acid in the citrus useful for pregnant women, it prevents the development of pathology.
  • In cosmetics, it is added to the luxury facilities as a bleaching component. Homemade recipes with citrus help to clean and dry oily skin.

For men

For men, lime is also useful, it improves the function of the reproductive system. Inclusion of fruit in the diet helps prevent prostate. Especially useful citrus under stress and increased strength.

Important! Lime is able to clear the body of waste products and chemicals, however indispensable for men working in hazardous environments.

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