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Three types of feeding for domestic petunias. Violent flowering guaranteed

It is because of the beauty of its inflorescences, petunia in great demand among gardeners. They fill the house with the scent and create a certain atmosphere.

It often happens that bought a flower shop, dies quickly, and even if you take good care of him. Some fans petunias, for the salvation of people's use of bait. Conventionally, they are divided into major and minor.

One of the best baits is - phosphor. It strengthens the root system of a flower that has a direct impact on the number of inflorescences. In addition, phosphorus protects flower from all kinds of diseases.

How to lure the plant?

Adding to the bait soil can occur in several ways, namely:

1. Before planting the seeds. For this use succinic acid, which stimulates the growth, it helps to transfer drought and conducts prophylaxis against various diseases.

2. When transplanting seedlings. To take in the plant soil, he needed the most favorable conditions. To do this, the soil is fertilized light solution of potassium permanganate, and the fungicide.

3. Fertilizing adult plants. Usually, they are fed, after 2 weeks from the time as there were leaves. In use as a fertilizer nitrogen and phosphate impurities.

4. Fertilizing spraying. Foliar funds are sold in capsules, the contents of which should be diluted in water.

As a folk fertilizers used: nettle, citric acid and yeast.

To create a nettle broth, it is necessary to fill a bottle with nettles, and pour boiling water. Broth infuses about 5 hours, after which it is necessary to decant. Sprayed flower, starting from the bottom and gradually rising to the top. Broth will prolong flowering petunia.

Lemon acid

In 1 liter of cold water poured 1 g citric acid. All thoroughly mixed and poured at the root. Acid returns green leaves and increase the number of inflorescences.


This means, petunias can be fed at any age. They help to strengthen the roots and repair damaged parts of the flower. To prepare the solution needed 2-3 grams yeast, 30 g of sugar and 2 liters. warm water.

All thoroughly mixed and aged about 8 hours. After the infusion, the solution can be as a watered root and spray the leaves.

By following these guidelines, you will have to increase the number of flowers in half, or even triple.

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