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5 secrets to care for tall tomato. Grow big harvest without the hassle

That tomatoes are the most popular culture around the world. Types of tomatoes are so many, but there are those that require special care, such as tall. And today we will focus on them.

Planting tall tomatoes

Land for planting tomatoes are harvested in the fall. Plot of land where plant culture solution pleasant, dug shovel and fertilized with manure. (1 sq. m. - 4 kg of manure). Once the snow melted, add manure to the soil in the same quantities.

However, not long, it must be mixed with potassium chloride (1 tbsp. spoon) and superphosphate (5 tablespoons).

seedling breeding begins for 2-2.5 months, probably in late February or early March. Before planting seeds in the soil, they need to be soaked in the solution. For the preparation of this solution need to 1 liter. water and 1 hr. l. following fertilizer "Agricola-vegetative", "Effekton" or wood ash. Seeds wrapped in a cloth and pour the solution.

In this form, they must be hours, after which they are sent in a refrigerator for a day or two. It is necessary that the seeds were tempered.

After landing in the soil, the seeds need to climb, and grow 65-70 days. Transplanting in the open ground begins in early May.

Feeding the tomatoes

Agronomists and experienced gardeners know that tall tomatoes, for the whole season should be fed only 3 times. First feeding - 10 days after planting. Fertilized chicken droppings in a ratio of 1 10 liters. water.

Second - when the tomatoes are already ovary with a diameter of 1.5 cm. The water solution was added with chicken droppings 1st. l. "Rastvorin" and 3 years potassium permanganate. In one bush for approximately 2 liters. feeding.

The third feeding is carried out as soon as began to gather the first harvest. The composition is similar to the second bait, but under each bush poured 2.5 liters.


Tall tomatoes watered at the roots. In one bush must leave at least 1 liter. water. Plants though like moisture, but this should not be overzealous. When the weather is cloudy weather, the tomatoes can be watered twice a week.

And when the sun shines and is hot, then 3-4 times. Water is best to take to defend, with a temperature of about 24-26 degrees Celsius.

We tie up tomatoes

Tomatoes can be tied up in three ways:

1. With pegs.

2. Ropes.

3. Grid.

Tomatoes tie until such time as their growth will not be about 2 m. They were then allowed to hang freely and they are.


The collection of tomatoes tall technology is no big deal. The only thing that sets them apart from the usual tomato, is the fact that for the fruits do not need to bend down.

Stick to the tips and you will be able to collect a large and a good harvest.

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