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A few rules by which the tomatoes will not crack

Cracking of tomatoes is a very bad defect that reduces the quality of the harvest. Cracked tomatoes are not able to be stored for a long time on the bush, because their flesh appear harmful microorganisms and insects flock to the smell and fruits quickly rot.

We list the rules that must be followed in order to prevent a similar problem.

Proper watering

Tomatoes are often deformed during maturation as a result of non-compliance with watering regime. If a long time not to carry out irrigation, and then copiously saturate the soil moisture, the fruit of the plant will begin to grow too quickly, which will lead to their cracking.

Further cracks occur during irrigation during hot weather, as drying occurs soil and plant can not uniformly be filled with moisture.

Shortly before the harvest is best reduce watering and stop it completely for 6-7 days. This will reduce the likelihood of cracks to a minimum.

Proper use of mineral fertilizers

In different periods of development, tomatoes need a particular nutrients. For example, at the beginning of maturation there is a need in nitrogen, and in the process of flowering always need calcium and phosphorus. Potassium helps to improve the taste of tomatoes and helps them to grow in size.

It should adhere to the norms of fertilizer application, as any deviation will cause cracking of the fruit.

Protection from the sun

Tomatoes are extremely harmful constantly exposed to the sun's rays, as the leaves of the plant are burned and deformed fruits. Therefore, over the beds it is recommended to pull the tent or the scattering grid. The walls of the greenhouse can be painted with lime milk.


When grown in the greenhouse fruit should ensure control of the moisture level and the heat in the room, avoiding excessive wetting and drought. During summer, the doors and windows of a greenhouse is necessary to open, so that the plants did pure oxygen instead of accumulating condensate between the bushes.

An acceptable level of humidity

Drastic changes of temperature and moisture negatively affect the plant, especially during its growth. You need to know what level of moisture in the greenhouse - it should not be less than fifty percent, otherwise any cracks on the fruit.

In order to check the soil moisture should be to take the land and crumple it in your hand. If it is well formed and with pressure begins to fall apart, then everything is fine.

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