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5 Ways to use baking soda in the garden

To date, it produced a lot of different tools that allow you to take care of the garden and vegetable garden. Most of them are very expensive.

Not all people know that budget option is to use baking soda. It effectively combats pests, allowing one to obtain a rich harvest.

destruction of fungi

Pre-made solution containing 5 tablespoons baking soda in 11 L of water. The resulting liquid is treated with the leaves of the affected plants. Actions carried out 1 time in 7 days.

The technique is effective on the following plants:

· Squash, pumpkin, cucumber;

· Raspberries, blackberries, currants.

Soda destroys the mycelium, spores and prevents the re-escalation of the fungus.

gray mold

This condition occurs in the grapes. He is covered with brown patina, it starts to rot. The concentration of the solution is the same as in the previous case. It spray the leaves and grapes himself. Actions must be repeated 1 time in 2 weeks.

Late blight

This disease and tomato leaves, which yields rot and decay. A technique used not only for treatment but also for prevention. Treatment is carried out immediately after the shoot, it will warn the disease at an early stage.

Less concentrated solution was prepared. It is necessary to take 2 tablespoons baking soda in 8 liters of water. The resulting liquid spray or smear on the bush tomato.

Yellowing of the leaves of cucumber

For this purpose, suitable 3 liters of water to which was added 1 tablespoon soda spoon. Plants do not need to spray, it is necessary to water the roots of the liquid. Actions must be performed as soon as cucumbers themselves.

Caterpillars, slugs, ants, aphids and other insect pests

It is necessary to dissolve the soda water ratio of 1: 2. For the procedure is carried out spraying the leaves of the plant. Repetition of action is carried out every 4 days. This prevents the insect to breed. In this way it is possible to destroy weevils that eat strawberry and raspberry bushes.

If a large number of slugs, you need to use a dry ash. To do this, the powder is applied directly to the leaves and stems. Slugs are killed.

The insects have not developed in the roots as they grow the plants, you need at planting a garden to add a small amount of powder. If a person has an excessive amount of ants formed in the area, it is advisable not to fall asleep means plants, and cause dry baking soda on the habitat of the insect.

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