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Benefits and harms of horse meat are well-known representatives of the South Asian nomadic peoples and the inhabitants of the northern regions of Russia. Meat mares geldings part of the national dishes served as both a cheese and cooked in various ways: from cooking to extinguish, salting and use of semi-finished products. In various methods of supplying quantitative composition useful biologically active substances in the meat changes. Cook horse meat properly, keep useful properties of the product, it is easy.

Chemical composition of horse meat

Horse meat - low-fat dietary meat obtained at slaughter mares, geldings, under the age of 1-2 years (meat animals older than 3 years has distinctive properties). The product has the following unique composition:

  • macronutrients (calcium, potassium, sulfur, phosphorus, magnesium, sodium);
  • trace elements (copper, manganese, cobalt, iron);
  • vitamins (B1, B2, E, PP).

According to the taste characteristics, composition and calorific value, the product in question is superior to some other kinds of meat (lamb, pork, beef).

Meat of horses, it is desirable to eat 2-3 times a week in the following portions: 120-150 grams - the weight of the finished portions for adults and 50-70 grams - a portion for the child and an elderly man.

Important! Horse meat - a source of purines, so it is not recommended to use those suffering from gout or high levels of uric acid.

Nutritional value and caloric content of horsemeat

Horse meat is considered lean product with a low energy value. This rate varies with different methods of preparation of the final dish.

Calorie cooked smoked sausage, made from the meat of horses, it is equivalent to 349 calories, and basturma - to 239 kcal.

The use of horse meat for human body

Horse meat - low-fat, easily digestible product, which can consume even individuals with diseases of the digestive tract. Due to the high water content (70%) of product slaughtering horses is easily digested, so it is possible to use not only for adults but also for children, the elderly.

Meat of horses shown to persons whose activity is associated with high physical activity (eg, athletes, miners), active mental activity, enterprise workers and residents of areas with high radiation background. It is useful to include in the meat mares and geldings people in the period of post-operative recovery, rehabilitation, with the aim of injury prevention (especially the elderly).


Useful properties horsemeat adults as for children, due to the product structure and consist in:

  • No negative impact on the cardiovascular system (lower cholesterol).
  • Stimulating the absorption of sugar, so the horse meat is useful in diabetes.
  • Normalization of metabolic processes. The presence of high concentrations of vitamin B1 in the product pushes it to the leading position in the ranking of "metabolic boosters". Therefore meat geldings and mares helpful for weight loss.
  • Improved potency, so the horse meat is useful for men.
  • Beneficial effects on the nervous system. Microelements are part of the product has a positive effect on nerve cells contributing to eliminate somnological disorders (insomnia, anxiety).
  • Enhancing the protective functions of the human body. The content of vitamin E in the meat enhances resistance to infections and viruses.
  • Improving the condition of the connective tissue in the human body.
  • Improving the drainage of pancreatic secretion. Fat rich vegetable fats therefore useful horsemeat pancreatitis, liver and biliary dyskinesia (with permission to use the treating physician).
  • Improving the state of the hematopoietic system and the blood, due to the content of iron. The product is assigned to the use of those suffering from anemia.
  • Strengthening the heart muscle, and normalizing heart.

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This is only a small part of the useful properties of horse meat, allows to put it on a high ranking position "Useful meat products."

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