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How useful pork liver and how to cook

Pork liver - one of the most useful byproducts. Neutral color - brown. It contains a large number of nutrients that promote recovery from illness and promote health. Meat is highly elastic. Benefits and porcine liver damage is entirely dependent on the age group, the method of preparation, the gastrointestinal tract and size of portions individual properties.

Composition pork liver

The structure includes:

  • limiting fatty acid;
  • lipophilic alcohols - cholesterol;
  • amino acids and their residues;
  • Water and complex inorganic compounds;
  • Complex trace elements - Se, Fe, Zn, MN, Cu and others.
  • macronutrients - Na, K, Ca, P;
  • vitamin complexes, rich in vitamin C.

Nutritional value and caloric porcine liver

Calories 100 grams of porcine liver is 109 kcal.

The cooked caloric content and composition can vary. So boiled product contains much less cholesterol, which can cause damage to the circulatory system. Properties fried dishes, on the contrary, increase the amount of lipophilic alcohols.

Useful properties of porcine liver

Due to the low calorie content, large amounts of vitamins, minerals and macronutrients, the meat has the following useful properties:

  • The high content of Vitamin A assists in the treatment of eye diseases. Properties porcine liver used for beriberi balance required to fill substances.
  • Containing folic acid is very useful for pregnant women and people with high load. Acid is involved in fetal development and helps the formation of the fetus. Iodine is necessary for thyroid, immune processes. It also promotes brain activity. Increasing the amount of iodine activates the cognitive processes linked to memory and attention. Moreover, as a supplement can be administered in thyroid diseases.
  • Vitamin B12 in the form of cobalamin useful in the processes of digestion, is involved in the synthesis of amino acids. It is an essential substance in atherosclerosis due to its properties strengthens the central nervous system.
  • The high iron content of the porcine liver helps in case of problems with the transport of oxygen by red blood cells, and anemia. It used as an aid, whose properties have a beneficial effect on people with anemia.
  • In diseases of the digestive apparatus is used in food as a source of vitamin B
  • The use of selenium to human body consisting of porcine liver is the significant reduction in the risk of tumors of poor quality.
  • Vitamins B1, B2 are involved in stimulating the immune system.

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