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The circuit wiring in the home

Any work should begin only after the plan will be drawn up and draw a diagram. And wiring, if you want to wiring passed quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively, the first you need to draw up a detailed plan and draw a schematic and wiring the wiring in your home or apartment.

This article will discuss the typical solutions, on the basis of these or you can make your own project that meets your needs exactly.

What is the scheme

The first scheme allows you to prepare a complete list of required material, with which you will mount your power grid. That is, you will know exactly how many junction boxes, plugs, switches, wires of different sections you need. And you do not have to buy the proverbial reserve, which will then be just lying dead load in the shed or utility room.

Example of circuit for single-phase power

In the individual home, in most cases, the power comes on a single-phase system - in the lead shield. Since the new rules metering device is installed on the facade of a house in this introductory panel, in addition to the accounting device is placed in the machine, and rare cases of RCD.

Then exit from the panel and sets the house on the internal switchboard. Exactly from this point and begins the home wiring.

Important. The example is not only true for this execution. Very often in the same electrical panel assembled wiring and switching devices and metering device.

To increase the reliability of power supply of consumers at home it is advisable to split into separate groups, for example:

1. Lighting;

2. Outlet unit;

3. Separate power to high-power consumers, such as boiler, stiralka, electric, etc .;.

4. Construction of economic purpose.

The above is an example of a grounding circuit and broken down into two separate shield. In the first box mounted: 1 - automatic introduction, 2 - 3 meters and - total RCD.

And in the second collected: 4 - machines of different groups, as well as 5 - zero and 6 - earthing bar.

Important. If your proficiency suitable only two wires: phase and neutral. Those of schemes simply removed earthing bar

But that's not all. In order to properly distribute the sockets and switches with wires on the premises, it is necessary to take an exact plan of your home and have it all raschertit wiring elements

A concept with our example you will look like this:

In case, if you have a two-story structure, then it will be expedient to subdivide consumers on the floors.

Example scheme when three-phase supply

In case, if a dwelling-house approach is not one, but three phases, the circuit will look like this:

Where 1 - introductory phase machine 2 - metering device, also a three-phase RCD 3- selective, 4 - zero strap, 5 - Automatic consumer groups, 6 - RCD these same groups 7 - grounding strap.

Wiring in the apartment

The principal difference of drawing up schemes and the implementation of the wiring in an apartment or house is not. The only difference is that in the private home power comes on the air line, and in apartment buildings Factory supply power cables.

And opening panels for flats mounted on the landings of each floor. Typically, in an apartment come two lines: the power sockets and lighting. This ensures that a fault in a line you will be not entirely without electricity.

In old houses registration and protection mounted directly to a board placed on the landing, but now all switching devices are trying to place directly inside the apartment, leaving the shield only accounting unit and the opening machine.

In the case of an apartment in the same plan, first drawn up - marking the placement of all nodes feeding electrical appliances.

For example, consider the standard dvushku and consumer groups such as:

- light;

- a block of sockets in the rooms

- bath, WC;

- kitchen

The scheme will be as follows:

Important. Note this time that the bathroom is a very dangerous location in terms of power supply, so it is not permitted for distribution boxes and switches. The outlet can be supplied with only a high degree of protection from moisture.

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