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The history of the construction of a veranda, porch or ennoble

After the completion of the house suddenly faced with a problem - how to decorate the front porch, where the doors of the kitchen and living room?

This was a large porch 12 sqm partly under a roof, with a height from the ground level up to 60 cm.

The task - to make a fence around the perimeter, extend the roof for protection against rain and equip a place of rest.

We decided to do a classic nezasteklonnuyu veranda made of wood.

From the materials needed: planed timber 100x100, obshivnaya board with simulated timber, rail, decorative, ondulin, metal thrust bearings, fasteners (nails, screws, locking screws), impregnation of wood, tiles frost on the floor.

First laid tile. Next, in step bearings fastened horizontal bar with clearance from the floor to the inside of ventilation and imparting visual ease of construction.

Next, put the uprights

Made harness around the perimeter

Then mowing reinforced structure

Next sheathed board

Made canopy openings to decorate bars, roof covered Ondulin and put shower drains

Outdoor curtains for winter shoot, they are mounted on adhesive tape "male-female" from the haberdashery department.

The result is a cozy sitting area, where a good time!

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