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5 most common mistakes in interior design

If you think through the design of the apartment on their own, without resorting to the help of professionals, you can realize all your ideas and ideas. But, not having special knowledge and experience, many amateurs make mistakes.

What you should pay attention to the interior looked well?

- lighting
- zoning
- color spectrum
- Furniture proportions
- accents

Lack of light

Professional highlights interiors never one luminaire. Soviet crystal chandelier in the center - a relic of the past. Spotlights capture more and more popular and designers are happy to adjust them for any needs.

With switches 2-3 can be made different embodiments of illumination. If, however, the choice has stopped on the chandelier, you need to think about the additional light sources. Each zone must have its backlight, so that in case of need from the comfort of a hotel there.


Many fans do repairs on their hands, watching the transfer of repair and reading the information, take up the zoning so zealously that turns piling up a number of small areas at each other.

Zoning should be harmonious, otherwise from it should be abandoned altogether.

Color spectrum

Combining color, you should avoid monochrome. Trimming in one or two colors will look pale and uninteresting.

Presentation of the combined ratio and color photos give a professional interior designer sites. Select multiple photos, you can similarly work out your own color scheme of the interior.

The proportions and arrangement of furniture

If the area allows, and the furniture is still arranged along the walls - a room looks empty, and its potential is not fully utilized. On the contrary, if the room is too small, it is not necessary to mold the middle of the guest area.
It is better to place it in a corner, using a compact sofa, coffee table and a TV on a wall bracket. Also pay attention to proportion.

Not always compact furniture will be justified. Practical mentality often encourages the use of transformers. Regularly spaced niches and storage systems eliminate the need to save space. The excess savings - too extreme, and extreme fall never stands.


Collection of gifts, family photos, paintings, crafts and other children decorate the interior - it's cozy and the person at home. But if too many of them - a feeling of clutter, oversaturation. Something better to keep in the closet, too much emphasis and decorations will kill the whole effect.

The room - it is not an art gallery, do not overload wall. And if you already have decorative stickers, colorful pillows and other decorations, then from the other decorations should be abandoned altogether, or use them very carefully.

Just arches, artificial stone, decorative plaster design - it cluttering. Simple and tasteful - this is the motto of the true style.


All taken into account is impossible and there is no universal recipe. Sometimes, combining incongruous, or using their ideas contrary to the generally accepted norms, designers are making tremendous results.

the main thingTo interior liked was conveniently planned and created a practical and spiritual comfort to those who are constantly in the room.

Listening to the rules and advice, do not forget about self-expression. Then, the interior will truly unique.
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