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6 most common mistakes that should be avoided when decorating and furnishing your home. And their solutions

Good afternoon dear friends!

Let's now talk about the errors in the design, ill-considered decisions in the decor, rather than fashion trends! Because of this no one is immune!

Since the pressure of advertising on TV or in a shop, in social networks, or glossy magazines you purchase fashionable colorful Decoration Materialsstylish lighting, Furniture,... Of course, thinking about what they will look perfectly in the interior of your home! At the same time, completing the repair or home improvement, you know, something that previously acquired general It does not fit the style of the interior, and implicitly "tell yourself" it would be better to refrain from this purchases! You know that feeling? And so, today, I picked up the 6 mistakes that should be avoided when the decoration and furnishing your home, and solutions to fix them.

When designing the interior decoration of apartments or her to be considered a lot of nuances, such as the size, functional areas, lighting, color palette, The location of each element, etc.

1.Error - no hallway decor. This is the first room that we see at the entrance to someone's apartment. And often, this space decor neglected by focusing their attention on the purely functional side. However, if you want to have a stylish and comfortable apartment, decorate the hall We need the same care as the other rooms of your home in order to avoid irritating the vacuum effect.

Try to bring personality to be creative hallway decorWhile remaining practical!

2.Error - bad furnished living room. A perfect example of not properly furnished and equipped living room. Action required - place your sofas so as to create a «L» or «U» shaped arrangement of furniture, thereby providing easy access and convenience of its use.

Choose a coffee table small,attach the TV to the wall and add in interior several decorative elements.

3.Error - overloaded kitchen. Open shelves in the kitchen - a very fashionable trend today, as different color palette cabinets. BUT, you have to feel good about, understand and know how to use this solution to avoid creating chaos.

Since variety in the decor looks nice, only when it is well harmonized!

4.Error - wrong aspect ratio. Know how to match the proportions and dimensions, it is one of the most difficult parameters which should be understood when the decoration. This is a mistake that almost everyone makes when it comes to interior design. This means that we put too much furniture or decor elements small roomThat unnecessarily adds to its weight.

Simplify your dining (dining room) A zone of air furniture, since the correct proportions suggest harmonious combination of different shapes, sizes and heights.

5.Error - rash wall decor. Walls - an incredible area for decoration. Therefore, I advise you not to rush and immediately fastened to the wall - box, posters, pictures. Instead, draw a box on the paper and place it on the wall, pereprobuyte variety of accommodation options until you get the desired result. By following these simple steps, you can be sure to find the perfect place for the photo frame before it hang.

For example, the first picture frame above the bed is too small (single) and hangs too high, while the second - they bring a perfect balance, even if they are of different sizes. Hang them closer to the bed!

6.Error - too short curtain. If your ceiling is three meters high, get a three meter blindsThat they went literally to the floor. Setting the cornice to the ceiling, you will visually increase the height of the ceiling.

In addition, if the width of the eaves of 20-25 cm. It is wider than the window, and the window opening will look bigger, respectively!

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