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For someone a long, narrow corridor - an empty, featureless room, a luxurious space for me. 6 designs.

Good afternoon dear friends!

You want to make your corridor actual living space, not just a pass-through location? Give it a cozy and warm atmosphere, even without the presence of natural light? No problem!

Most of the time we see corridor just as space, which leads us to the other rooms in our apartment. In connection with this, do not attach importance to it (ignoring the decorative side), as the other rooms in our house. And it is a big mistake! Since the corridor can really become functional, full bathroom with his characteristic feature. Today I picked up the next 6 cool ideas that will help you fill the life of the space, bring style and change the visual perception, in accordance with its configuration.

So if your long corridorAnd you want to bring more color and color without a complete repainting of the walls, ceiling or floor paint the only one of the walls - it will help create the illusion for the optical reduction of its length. Another option, more daring - paint the doors in different colors corresponding to color palette rooms for them! Etc...

1.Gallery. Never thought to turn your a long, narrow corridor in the exhibition gallery? And in vain! Give it a personality, placed randomly in pictures vintage frame, painted in bright colors.

Dark and rich plumwall color will make an ideal background for color photographs. Do not neglect this luxurious space! Be creative!

2.British style. Try to bring the English atmosphere in a corridor at the expense of a patchwork of five different motives. use different wallpapers and patterns in order to avoid the effect of antiquity and give the decor a little rhythm.

Floor, painted in yellow color - it is one more feature for narrow and dark corridorSince this color perfectly strengthens lamplight.

3.A nontrivial storage system. If the width of the corridor makes it possible to establish a shallow storage system along its entire length, this original version of the decor for you. Use conventional doors, installing them one by one (hiding the storage system), and painted in a variety of bright colors. BUT ceiling and paint the walls in a fairly neutral and very natural color.

Paint them depending on what comprises a cabinet. For example, blue - stuff and accessories for the street, acid green, it supplies and things for bathroom, pale pink...

4.Yellow neon accent. If you want to create a relaxing atmosphere in its narrow corridor, The gray-green color is one of those colors, which contributes to this. And to give a little life and originality, not blowing tranquil atmosphere of the room, adding to the interior of a few bright yellow accents - stools.

Arranged at both ends of a narrow corridor bright designer stools compensate minor amount of decorative elements and accessories.

5.Corridor with a thousand faces. Highly fashionable and extravagant corridor able to surprise anyone! The original bar with a hint of a shop is provided at the expense of black and white Background with a portrait young woman (Piero Fornasetti), and studio projector.

And to bring contrast and rhythm in this black-and-white corridor, Try to paint the floor wide two-tone stripes.

6.magic corridor. If you want to change the boring atmosphere long corridorWhy not paint it orange. Which will bring the illusion of a shorter distance than it actually is.

original sticker on the floor, a stool with wood and sconces in the shape of a flower finished an amazing decor, previously dull and dark corridor.

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