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Glass wallpaper: how to make an Italian town in the kitchen (fresco on glass wallpaper)

Our reader shared with us a story about the original wall decoration in the kitchen.

A couple of years ago, my wife and I bought a three-room apartment, where we gave the kitchen almost the largest room available. This is because our guests are frequent, and it’s not a matter of seating everyone in the living room, since it is very laborious and costly to wash a carpet with thick pile.

Naturally, the kitchen combined with the dining area has become the most popular place in our house. In order to bring coziness and an attractive atmosphere there, we decided to abandon the wallpaper with peacocks, geometric shapes and huge flowers. The wife expressed a desire to draw a picture on her own on the whole wall. All I had to do was acquire the necessary attributes: three rolls of glass wallpaper, paint and colors, and an adhesive mixture.

The first thing I realized while gluing the sheet from the roll to the walls was that gloves were needed, tight. The feeling is that you are holding a glass crumb in your hands, which scratches and pricks your palms.

The pasting process is the same as with ordinary wallpaper:

1. A piece is measured from a roll, the length is equal to the wall with a small addition of five centimeters.

2. A good layer of glue is applied to the wall, a sheet of glass wallpaper is applied.

3. Air is expelled from under the canvas, the joints are connected.

I didn't swear for long. I understood all the charm of such wallpapers when I didn't have to compare the drawing, as it happens with peacocks and huge flowers. In fact, he pasted over the room with a transparent mesh and, satisfied, left the whole thing to dry out.

Then my half got down to business. I gave her the brushes, paints and gloves myself.

1. Three walls were quickly covered in a soft green hue with a roller.

2. The fourth my beloved painted according to the drawings. I had to carry out small calculations so that the whole picture would fit without stretch marks and errors in space.

3. I printed a picture and poured it into blocks. Using a simple pencil, I applied blocks to the wall and quickly sketched a sketch.

I was not allowed to paint, so I watched and photographed.

The wife applied paints to the wall and outlined the objects. We waited two days for everything to dry. Then they refined it with varnish. We went to visit my mother at night so as not to smell chemistry. The next morning the painting was ready, now we are having lunch on an Italian street next to the Coffee sign.

As it turned out to glue the wallpaper quickly, but a lot of nerves are wasted and family foundations are undermined. With glass wallpaper, on the contrary - both have fun, but the process takes a week. I wonder who else was having so much fun during the renovation?

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