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Perpetual motion machines, free energy generators - deception or forbidden technologies

Hello dear guests and subscribers of my channel. The perpetual motion machine is still a pipe dream of all mankind. Humanity has been dreaming of an inexhaustible source of energy for more than one hundred years.

But why, despite the colossal leap in the development of technology, have we not yet invented such an engine? What is the main snag or maybe it was invented long ago? Let's talk about it.

What Science Says

If we turn to scientists with this question, they will almost unanimously say that a perpetual motion machine is impossible in principle. And all because his work would violate the laws of thermodynamics, which are the unshakable constants of our universe (of course, at the current level of development of modern science).

Let's recall the first law of thermodynamics, which states that in an isolated system, entropy cannot decrease. That is, heat will not flow from an area with a lower temperature to an area with a higher temperature, while doing work.

But, despite all the prohibitions, enthusiasts around the world continue to create an impossible perpetual motion machine. So let's take a quick look at what they are, forever running engines.

What are they, perpetual motion machines

Magnetic motor

An engine of this design has been considered for centuries the most promising and favorite among dreamers to create a perpetual motion machine. So, according to the theory, placed magnets in a circle should push the rotor to rotate and thereby move it forever.

On the Internet, you can find hundreds of articles and videos dedicated to such engines. And some even demonstrate the operation of such a device.

But in fact, it turns out that all similar designs contain a battery, which the authors "forget" to mention in their statements. And if you turn it off by the engine, which was supposed to rotate indefinitely, it simply stops.

A vivid confirmation of this was the engine announced in 2006 called Orbo. So the following happened at the demonstration: when the power source was disconnected from the engine, it stopped. That is, in fact, the installation turned out to be the most common magnetic motor and nothing more.

Eternal wheel

Another popular variation is the design, which is rooted in the deep past. So one of the popular options is the Bhaskara wheel, which is a wheel with curved spokes, flasks, in which mercury is located. So the overflowing mercury in the flasks must keep rotating continuously.

Engines of this type are called "Wheel with a permanently shifted center of gravity". So there were a great many different options for such an installation.

For example: Willard's Small Hammer Wheel, Toccola Lever Wheel, etc. Even the great Leonardo da Vinci tried to create something similar.

I also want to tell you separately about the wheel created by I. Bessler, which was designed by an illusionist watchmaker in the early 18th century.

So this wheel has been spinning for 53 days. At the same time, no one entered the carefully guarded room where the device was placed. But then it stopped anyway.

In fact, there are a lot of varieties of "perpetual" motion machines and some even have patents. Let's dwell on them.

Why perpetual motion machines were previously patented, but now not

In perhaps the eternal debate about the reality of perpetual motion machines, supporters often point out that many variations of such designs have a real patent. But the point is that the patent only indicates the originality of the invention and does not guarantee the operability of the device.

And another important nuance. After the American patent office put forward the requirement to provide a really working prototype at registration, not a single version of the perpetual motion machine was registered.

Conspiracy theory and why the engine hasn't been invented yet

Usually the last argument of supporters of the existence of perpetual motion machines is the so-called conspiracy theory, according to which has long been invented everything and oil lobbyists simply do not allow such installations to break through to the world level.

Well what can I say, this is a rather controversial issue, but personally I believe that as such a conspiracy does not exist. To do this, just go to any popular resource and type "perpetual motion machine" in the search, and you you will see that there are simply a huge number of different options and materials of many years prescription.

So there is no talk of any concealment of information.

Of course, among a huge number of people there are real geniuses who are able to create, albeit not really eternal engine, but an installation that will operate for a long enough time at absolutely minimal cost energy. And such dreamers can only wish good luck in their work.

And you, dear readers, I want to ask you to express your opinion in the comments and answer the question: Is there a perpetual motion machine?

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