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Do you want everyone to envy your female happiness flower? The most important nuances when growing a beautiful plant

Is your Feminine Happiness envied? And now I'm not at all about evil gossips discussing your personal life, but about a beautiful and very popular plant. Its graceful, modest beauty and good omens associated with it make it one of the most coveted indoor flowers.

Caring for it is not so difficult, but there are some nuances that you should definitely consider in order to grow a healthy and beautiful plant.


Watering the plant should be done regularly, but in moderation. It is especially dangerous to overdo it with the amount of moisture introduced in the winter - the roots of the plant can freeze or rot.

In no case do not water Women's Happiness with tap water. This will cause the leaves to turn yellow and fall off. Water must be made soft, or at least just defended for several hours.

In the summer, it is worth spraying the plant, at high temperatures - up to twice a day. You need to spray only the leaves, not getting on the flowers.

Top dressing

There is an opinion that it is not necessary to feed an unpretentious plant. But still, I highly recommend doing it: this way it will develop much more intensively.

One of the most convenient and simplest ways is pill feeding. Another option is a regular flowering plant food from a flower shop.

I do not recommend feeding in the winter - the plant is resting during this time. It is best to apply it in the summer, several times during the warm season.


It is undesirable to disturb some plants with a transplant, but Women's Happiness, on the contrary, needs it. It is best to transplant once a year, in the spring.

Each new pot should be slightly wider than the previous one, but not too loose, otherwise the plant will actively develop the root system, but will hardly bloom.

Light and temperature

As you know, Women's Happiness comes from the tropics. Therefore, he really likes light. But it should not be direct, but scattered: in its natural habitat, it grows, even in sunny regions, but under the canopy of larger plants.

The temperature should not drop below + 18-20 degrees. I recommend especially carefully protecting the plant from drafts so that it does not feel bad in the winter season.

As you can see, taking care of Women's Happiness does not require much trouble - it is really unpretentious. Just do not make any gross mistakes and the plant will certainly delight you with beautiful flowers.

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