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3 Cheap Plants That I Will Definitely Buy For Myself After New Year

I have such a tradition, after the New Year, to buy some new plants for myself. The crisis has left its mark on the financial situation of many Russians. And I am no exception.

So I decided that I would buy inexpensive plants this time. Moreover, among such flowers, it turns out, there are very beautiful specimens.

I have already looked after these plants for myself. I want to tell you about them. Maybe you also want to please yourself with such interesting and inexpensive plants.

Inexpensive and effective indoor plants


This plant with an exotic name immediately caught my attention when I went to flower shops and looked closely at flowers. Its leaves are leathery and collected in a bunch.

The leaves themselves are very interesting in texture, so they still have golden blotches. It looks very impressive. Aucuba belongs to evergreens. Also, my choice was influenced by the fact that the plant is unpretentious.

In order to contain it, you do not need any special knowledge. And an important fact, which I mentioned at the beginning of the article, is that the plant is inexpensive.


When I saw the primrose, memories of childhood flooded over me. Phlox grew in our flower garden. I've always admired them. And the primrose reminded me of these wonderful flowers, only, of course, her sizes are miniature.

I liked how this plant blooms. Flowers are very bright colors. But for now I am in thought. What color should I choose. There is still a little time to make a choice.

The flower shop I visited had primrose in white, yellow, pink, purple and even blue. My eyes were running straight. The price of this plant is also low.


I have long dreamed of buying this plant. I love its fleshy leaves and beautiful bright flowers. The plant is also inexpensive. I know it's easy to look after him. The plant once adorned the windowsill in my grandmother's apartment.

And from her, I learned that many signs are associated with this plant. But mostly it brings positive energy into the house. And in offices, Kalanchoe is often installed, it helps to focus on important things and get tired less.

Another plus of the plant is that the juice from its leaves can heal wounds and burns. Healing ointments and decoctions are even prepared from this juice.

I will definitely buy a Kalanchoe, I’m just waiting for such a specimen, which blooms with orange flowers, to be brought for me.

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