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How I once almost lost my anthurium ("Man's happiness"), having made 4 annoying mistakes in growing. I advise you not to repeat

How I once almost lost my anthurium ("Man

Fiery fireworks, fellow flower growers!

Looking to grow a beautiful anthurium with bright red blooms? I suggest you read my article to the end. I will tell you what gross mistakes almost made me say goodbye to a tropical plant.

Purchase and first mistake

I remember well the day of the purchase of "Male Happiness". In the supermarket I could not walk past the shelf with flowers, on which the scarlet anthuriums attracted attention. Large red sheets around numerous flowers so you want to see on your windowsill! At the checkout, in addition to the necessary products, I paid for the pot with the adult "Male Happiness".

There are pink, white, yellow anthuriums on sale. I dream to buy them too

Probably the first mistake was the lack of preparation for the purchase. I didn't know anything about growing anthuriums and the intricacies of the plant. I brought the pot home and immediately went online. I would like to find out more quickly what conditions the flower should create and make friends with it. But, comrades, I got excited: having studied several articles, I took the authors' word for it. An exit plan was lined up in my head. As it turned out, he was wrong.

The appearance of anthurium began to deteriorate in the first six months. And after a year and a half, "Man's Happiness" began to resemble a scum: a stick with blackened or withered leaves at the top. I dreamed about something else! Then I found on the Internet a community of people who actually grow anthurium, and they immediately pointed out 3 mistakes made.

Second mistake: wrong place

This is already the home flowering of my anthurium

I believed that anthurium is a shade-loving plant. I was convinced by the information that in the wild, the flower grows on the lower level of the tropical jungle, where the sunlight almost does not get because of the tree crowns. Therefore, the pot was placed on the coffee table by the window.

It turned out that in our northern latitudes, anthurium should grow on the windowsill. On it, the lighting is even weaker than under the crown of trees in tropical forests. What to say about a coffee table? Anthurium needs a lot of light, the main thing is without direct rays on a summer afternoon. Now "Man's Happiness" has settled on the western windowsill.

The third mistake: wanting to see the bush and not rejuvenating

Several can be grown from one anthurium. And from time to time you have to do it

Anthuriums are sold with beautiful foliage, and grow with bald trunks. This is not a violation of care and not a disease of a houseplant. Comrades, this is the nature of Man's Happiness. He is supposed to stretch like liana.

From time to time it needs to be rejuvenated. When the stem is pulled out, it can be divided into 2-3-4 pieces. The cuttings from the trunk must be rooted in the greenhouse. I rooted in moss and vermiculite. The land is not quite suitable for this purpose. New shoots will crawl from the stump. It turns out not only a way of rejuvenation, but also reproduction.

The fourth and most important mistake: incorrectly selected soil

Anthurium needs the same soil as the phalaenopsis orchid

Comrades, anthurium is an unusual indoor flower. Although he is a relative of spathiphyllum and is similar to him, they have a different essence and requirements for growing.

By its nature, anthurium is a semi-epiphyte, and it must be grown like a phalaenopsis orchid. I planted "Male happiness" in ordinary soil and watered as "Female happiness", which almost led to the loss of a houseplant.

The soil for anthurium should be very loose. A mixture for orchids, peat + bark, peat + coconut chips is suitable. Watering - as it dries, is by no means excessive.

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