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Which fish is better for the human body: sea or river

All who observe the principles of healthy food is important in the diet of fish. It is an outstanding product from all sources of animal protein and vitamins, as well as those of polyunsaturated fatty acids and beta-carotene - a building material of human cells. Experts believe that eating fish is much better for people than meat because fish protein contains all the essential amino acids, including such important as methionine.

Even the most fatty fish connective tissue and fat is very low, due to which they are easier and more completely absorbed. The digestion process fish is only 2 hours, which substantially distinguishes this product from the meat. As for calories, then there is a significant difference, and 100 grams of river fish can be found only 90 kcal.

Fish - supplier of fatty acids involved in intercellular processes. Not for nothing is seen, that where fish is a staple in the dinner menu, people do not know what a shortness of breath, arrhythmia, they are less tired and lead a more active lifestyle. Eating once a week marine fish can reduce the risk of developing heart attack and stroke, as well its daily use can completely eliminate the chances of heart diseases and cancer. This result can be obtained by consuming oily fish, such as:

  • tuna;
  • mackerel;
  • herring;
  • sardine;
  • even sprat.

Unfortunately, freshwater fish such efficiency does not, but it is, like any fish, the composition comprises a high microelements, especially phosphorus, and even gold. All species of fish - a source of vitamins of group B, D, E, and liver contains a huge proportion of vitamin A. Not without reason, the fish has long been considered a medicinal product, and today because it produced the world-famous drugs.

So useful marine fish:

  • For diet, weight loss.
  • In diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • For the normalization of the thyroid gland.
  • For the prevention of tumor processes.
  • To activate the brain.
  • To stabilize the cholesterol.
  • To improve vision.
  • To prolong the life as a whole.

It so happened that the freshwater fish most often appear on the tables of our fellow citizens, particularly where close by there is a lake or river. In some areas, fishing is not easy craze, but also an urgent need for food.

Responding to a question, what fish is useful, it should be said that the sea is on the first place, because of the high content of essential substances, which can not boast of any one species of freshwater inhabitants.

Just want to warn you that any product has its contraindications. It is impossible to eat fish to people who have an allergy is present, hyperthyroidism. In these cases, the fish can worsen state of health, and even cause irreparable harm.

In other cases, when the fish are not useful, it should be noted the following factors:

  • The size. Eat fish need medium and small quantities because they do not have time to accumulate a lot of harmful substances from the reservoirs.
  • Repeated freezing. During this treatment, the desired substance are lost.
  • In other words, fish, fed in poor conditions or repeatedly thawed, at best, lose their useful qualities, and in the worst - cause damage to the human body.
What kind of fish do you prefer?

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