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How to eat garlic, so there was no smell

Despite the development of medicine and folk treatments are quite popular in the modern world. Such methods include garlic, which remains after the application of an unpleasant odor in the mouth. Not everyone knows how to properly deal with it. Get rid of the smell of garlic in the mouth is quite simple, but you first need to find out why this product from the power of such inevitable flavor.

Why garlic of unpleasant odor in the mouth

The main substance that causes a specific flavor is allicin. It is formed by the destruction allinaza enzyme which is released when cutting the garlic.

Subsequently, the allicin is decomposed into several organic compounds containing sulfur.

Scientists have identified four main substances which are the cause of malodor:

  • diallyl disulfide;
  • allilmetilsulfid;
  • allyl mercaptan;
  • allilmetildisulfid.

Some substances are destroyed quickly, others - slowly.

How to use garlic that there was no smell

Not everyone knows how to eat garlic, so that there was no smell. The secret is simple: after garlic eating a bit to drink cow's milk, and the smell will not. The fact is that fat, which is found in cow's milk, absorbs substances that are released when the use of garlic and does not allow them to get into the blood.

Alternative to milk is water - it is necessary to drink at mealtimes. Unfortunately, this method only "mutes" flavor, but it does not eliminate it completely.

Methods to remove the smell of garlic in the mouth

Solve the odor problem can be quite simple and fast. We just need to know the simple secrets.

The following techniques will help to quickly and effectively get rid of the garlic flavor.

How to remove the smell of garlic in the mouth via Food

To get rid of the garlic smell, you can use some products available to everyone.

  • Fresh parsley or dill. Chew greens need to slowly and carefully, then do not drink the liquid for a certain time. The aroma of green will interrupt the aroma of garlic.
  • Nuts. This method is suitable if after consumption of garlic was not more than 2 hours. To eat a small handful of nuts (walnuts, nutmeg, almond or hazelnut). They will help to neutralize the odor.
  • Fresh citrus fruits (orange, lemon, mandarin). Compared with other methods, citrus less effective in dealing with garlic flavor, but this method can use before the interview or an important meeting, because it is convenient and accessible anywhere and anytime time.
  • Fruits, blackening after cutting (apples, pears, plums and apricots). These fruits start oxidation reaction of esters, sulfur, thereby helping to get rid of bad smell in the mouth.
  • Bakery products, rather carbohydrates that are contained in them, start the oxidation reaction, whereby decreases garlic flavor. Usually enough to eat 1 or 2 slices of bread.

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Cardamom also copes well with the elimination of the unpleasant smell. You just need to chew a small amount of grain and flavor disappears.

Tip! For maximum effect, you need to use any of the methods immediately after eating garlic.

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