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Hydrogen peroxide: beneficial therapeutic properties, use, reviews

Benefits and harms of hydrogen peroxide - an issue of heated debate. To understand whether we can apply the tool inside or it is better to use only externally, should examine all of the properties and characteristics.

What is hydrogen peroxide

In the form of hydrogen peroxide of formula is indicated as follows - H2O2. The substance is a colorless transparent liquid was odorless and tasteless and essentially is water with a high oxygen content.

In pharmacies you can find 2 main types of nutrients.

  • Typically, the liquid peroxide, or perhydrol - a solution with a concentration of 2.7-3.3%, which is available without prescription and is suitable for almost any purpose.
  • Peroxide in the form of tablets or gidroperit -Substance with 35% content of active substance to be dissolved in water.

Tablet gidroperita substance content equal tablespoon of liquid perhydrol. For therapeutic purposes, often used liquid substance, but for domestic use is more convenient pill.

The useful hydrogen peroxide

The use of hydrogen peroxide and the harm to the body so well known that meet the facility at any home medicine cabinet. Peroxide:

  • antibacterial and antiseptic properties;
  • It promotes rapid healing of wounds and ulcers;
  • slack stops bleeding and relieve pain;
  • benefits in the treatment of sore throat, stomatitis, otitis, toothache;
  • It cleans the body of toxins, this is the use of hydrogen peroxide to the kidneys;
  • odors and eliminates fungus;
  • It has a rejuvenating effect on the skin and can even serve as prevention of cancer.

A nice feature of beneficial agent may be mentioned that with treatment of skin lesions, it does not cause discomfort such as iodine - and disinfects fabric as qualitatively.

Effect on GI

Both reception of hydrogen peroxide into the diet and health of the stomach and intestines. As advocates of this treatment method, the hydrogen and oxygen in the decay of the substance in the stomach are absorbed directly into the mucous and penetrate rapidly into cells. Useful effect arises from the fact that the normal acid-alkaline balance in the body are eliminated putrefaction in the intestines, quickly heal the internal erosion and ulcers.

In small doses of solution is beneficial in chronic gastritis and ulcers, because relieves heartburn and regulates acidity.

The saturation of the blood flow

Drinking water with hydrogen peroxide is useful for the saturation of oxygen. Once in the blood, perhydrol quickly spreads throughout the body and nourishes the cells. Studies confirm that the blood oxygen saturation, not only eliminates the signs of oxygen starvation, but also raises immunity, the amount of lymphocytes in the blood increased by more than 30%.

cleaning the body

Benefits hydrogen peroxide for cleansing the body, with an internal receiving solution helps to quickly remove toxins, urea and ammonia compounds. Means bringing a good effect when an excess of toxins, the beneficial properties of pronounced after alcohol poisoning. A useful solution helps to quickly cope with the libation, releases the body from harmful substances, and eliminates tachycardia, tremor and nausea.

That treats hydrogen peroxide

The therapeutic properties of hydrogen peroxide are used for the treatment of the following ailments:

  • infections and colds - the flu and sore throats, colds and bronchitis, tracheitis and pneumonia;
  • diseases of the nose and ears - rhinitis, otitis media, sinusitis;
  • dental diseases - caries and periodontitis;
  • neurological diseases - multiple sclerosis in the elderly, degenerative disc disease;
  • heart disease - the solution may assist in the treatment of the consequences of strokes and heart attacks, has beneficial effects in atherosclerosis and varicose veins;
  • skin diseases - to from dermatitis eczema.

Important! A useful solution is beneficial in the treatment of diabetes, it helps with chronic diseases of the lungs and bronchi.

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