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How useful rye bread

Promotion of healthy lifestyle changes outlook of the world's population. More and more people are thinking about the rules of a balanced diet based on the use of natural and healthy products. The use of plant foods and dishes prepared on its basis, has reached a high popularity. Benefits and harms of rye breads - is the subject of discussion in many forums and conferences among nutritionists and lovers of organic food.

What is rye bread

Modern followers of healthy nutrition believe that the bread appeared recently in response to requests from the followers of cereal diets. This is not true. Loaves are called biscuits, which were widely circulated in the days of the Soviet Union. They ate for breakfast, for schoolchildren, they were an obligatory component of food in canteens and cafes.

In the early 90-ies of biscuits disappeared from the diet, replaced by fast food and baked goods. The last decade was marked by the triumphant return of biscuits, but for an improvement of the marketing of the product secured a new name.

Bread, designed to replace the classic loaves of bread, have useful properties, is unique in its composition.

There are several kinds of them. The basis of classification consider the type of flour from which they are made:

  • multizlakovye or combined (Made from several types of cereals);
  • rye (The basis for the preparation of - rye meal with minimal addition of wheat);
  • wheat (Based on wheat flour);
  • buckwheat (Powder based on buckwheat);
  • rice (Of rice milling).

Rye bread is prepared using special equipment. Under the pressure from cereals prepared briquetted slices which have a crunchy texture.

The composition and caloric content of rye crispbreads

The use of rye loaves lies in their composition. These figures may vary depending on the additives. Manufacturers offer a bread with the addition of prune, caramel, bran of various types, and more. If we consider the classic version, then present in the composition:

  • vitamins B;
  • minerals;
  • vitamin E;
  • salt.

100 g of the product has a caloric density of 310 kcal.

58 grams of carbohydrates is necessary:

  • 10 g protein;
  • 2.7 grams of fat;
  • 20 g of fiber.

The use of rye crispbreads

Useful properties of wafers enclosed in the ability to affect the digestion. The main features consider activation mechanism body purification, removal of toxins or harmful substances due to the high fiber content.

This method allows you to lose weight by improving the process of digestion and reduce the cost of energy storage in the body.

Regular consumption of such replacement of bread leads to strengthen the immune system due to the lack of influence of yeast and harmful food additives.

Benefits can be increased, if added to the beneficial components in the composition. Such additives may be linseed or sunflower, garlic, sesame, chia seed.

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How useful buckwheat, rye bread

Manufacturers are trying to diversify production by mixing flavors. To do this, use different types of flour. To add rye buckwheat. Especially popular rye, buckwheat bread from "Finn Crisp", the manufacturer claims that the benefits from the use of higher than that of a single-component product, and assumes no harm.

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