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Benefits and herring harm to the body, reviews

Pretty hard to imagine what a feast without traditional delicacies - herring: with onions or "under a fur coat." However, not everyone knows what is really the benefits and harms of herring - this further and will be discussed.

Looks like and where the usual herring

Herring quite difficult called big fish - the body it reaches about 35 - 40 cm in length, and weight ranges of 500 - 700 g Fish torso slightly flattened at the sides, top covers its moderate or large thin scales. At the back, painted in olive or grayish color, it is the "main" fin, and beneath it - ventral fin. The caudal fin of fish is different from other typical small notch.

Along the abdomen silvery color goes keel, nestled gently pointed scales. At the head of the fish are deep-set eyes. Teeth herring are very weak or completely absent, the lower jaw is better developed and protrudes slightly over the top.

It is believed that the average life expectancy of herring - up to 25 years, and today found a little longevity.

Itself herring - schooling fish. It feeds mainly on zooplankton, but it is itself a source of food for other fish and predators.

If we talk about the habitat of herring, more often than not, they are found in the northern parts of the Atlantic Ocean: on the shores of Europe, North America and South Greenland, in the waters of the Bay of Biscay, the Baltic seas; as well as in the Pacific Ocean. In fresh water herring lives in rivers, mostly - in the river, the Volga and the Don. He lives often far away from the coast, towards the water surface without sinking below 300 meters depth.

herring species

There are about 60 species of herring, consider the most basic and the most popular among them.

One of the most common fish is considered mackerel. This type of herring inhabits the North and Norwegian seas - where it caught in the warm season. Mackerel belongs to bystroplavayuschim fish, her life expectancy - about 20 years. It belongs to a class of predators, and that's why reaches quite impressive size. It is considered a delicacy in cooking, and the most popular dish, with its "participation" - mackerel in a cream sauce.

The next type of herring - Black Sea herring, living normally in the Black and Azov Seas. In its growth reaches 40 cm. It is particularly popular with anglers, and salting of this type is most often sold in shops and markets.

One of the varieties of herring found in almost all depths - is Pacific herring. It is one of the largest since reaching about 50 cm long and weighs more than 700 g That it contains in its meat the largest amount of iodine than other types, and so bears undoubted benefits: the lack of this element in the body is becoming one of the most common problems in our days. The most popular one in Russia, Japan and the United States. Moreover, it is Pacific herring is most common in the photo, the most common type in the world.

Somewhere in the depths of the Baltic Sea inhabits another relative of the herring - herring. This is a small fish, about 20 cm long and weighing about 400 g Throughout his life, it feeds exclusively on plankton. Often it is eaten salted. In these same waters swims another popular species - Baltic sprat: these kids are caught in New Zealand shores and is harvested in the form of canned food.

Another popular, but on the other hand - an unusual representative of herring fish iwashi believe. Looking at it, is not easy to determine which of the species of fish it belongs - on the herring, she hardly looks like. In fact, that's right: the fish belongs to the genus of sardines, but ever since the Union has become a cult representative herring. Its weight about 100 g, and the length of barely 20 cm.

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