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The vitamin B12 is useful and what is it for

Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin or cobalamin) has useful properties necessary for the normal functioning of the human organism. Cobalamin is actively promoting the formation of new blood cells and tissue regeneration. Benefit is that the element contributes to the smooth functioning of its systems. The disadvantage of this valuable substance: harms to health and causes sickness and as a consequence - a variety of diseases. Benefits and harms of vitamin B12 - a topic that requires detailed consideration.

Description and characteristics of vitamin B12

About cobalamin talked about in the 19th century, when examined lethal form of anemia. In 1934 he began to thoroughly study the beneficial properties of vitamin B12, and only twelve years cyanocobalamin began to sell in pharmacies. It is characterized by a complex structure. It is a water soluble vitamin, therefore, there is a short time in the body, and then excreted in the urine through the kidneys. It includes cobalt and other minerals. Stored in the liver, kidney, lung, spleen for further use. Valuable material powder, has a deep red color, odorless. Not be exposed to high temperatures and light rays. Destroyed under the influence of alcohol, acids, estrogen, sleeping pills, of any strength.

What is the use of vitamin B12

Cobalamin rich unique properties. Benefit of vitamin B12 for the human body is confirmed by numerous medical research world scientists.

Useful properties of vitamin B12:

  • activates the power;
  • leads to normal pressure;
  • It produces the energy reserves in the cells;
  • prevent memory loss, dementia (Alzheimer's disease when used);
  • It improves memory, concentration (recommended for children of school age);
  • while AIDS supports brain function;
  • eliminates anemia;
  • It improves appetite (useful for the development of children);
  • restores the reproductive system;
  • promotes the formation of blood cells;
  • restores the psyche;
  • He is struggling with stress, insomnia;
  • promotes normal functioning of the liver;
  • oxygenates cells (required for hypoxia).
  • It speeds up the metabolism;
  • improves lipid metabolism in the liver;
  • lowers cholesterol;
  • takes part in the formation of DNA, as well as nerve cell membranes.

Vitamin B12 in the blood is useful for the normal functioning of the organs. Shortage or excess are harmful and talk about the appearance of abnormal processes.

If the body will receive less valuable properties of this element, the person will appear different ailments that lead to serious disease. Lack of substances injurious to health may lead to anemia, mental unbalance, multiple sclerosis, paralysis.

Important! Before taking vitamin B12 should consult a doctor.

Vitamin B12 for women

Benefits of Vitamin B12 for women is huge, especially if the pregnancy is planned. The substance is included in a group of elements that provide positive chemical reactions at the molecular level. Women requires two forms of substance: cyanocobalamin and hydroxocobalamin, whose properties ensure disintegration of complex and simple digestion. The presence of substances help at conception and child-bearing. Their use in strengthening the bones of postmenopausal women, ie When starting hormonal disruptions, calcium reserves are reduced.

According to experts, the use of cyanocobalamin for women after 40 invaluable. Useful properties of the compound to help maintain physical fitness. To start the process of burning fat, the body is waiting for a signal from the brain, the activity of which decreasing the deficit of valuable elements and, consequently, slows down the decomposition rate of fat deposits.

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The use of vitamin B12 for face helps women to fight against aging: moisturizes the skin, eliminates pallor, pigmentation. Vitamin often include in the age series of cosmetics: masks, creams.

Benefits of vitamin B12 hair is its complex effects on the health of the hair and their growth. Through the use of the valuable properties of the compounds can be seen to change:

  • reduced loss;
  • accelerated growth;
  • restores hair follicles;
  • dandruff disappears;
  • there is a natural shine.

Mask with vitamins B6 and B12 - a great tool for the treatment of hair. Useful properties making them thick, shiny.

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