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Air Ionizer for apartment: the benefits and harms

air ionizers - useful tools that help clear the air of pollutants. They have been used for quite some time and have received considerable popularity among the people due to the many useful properties that improve health. Along with the benefit and can bring harm to the body. It is therefore important to find out what are the benefits and harms of the air ionizer.

What is the ionization

To see the harm and benefit of the ionization of air to the human body, it is necessary to have some idea of ​​what this air is, what properties.

All substances consist of atoms, which are in turn composed of a positively charged nucleus and negatively charged electrons. When an atom or sends a proton or electron, the particle is converted into an ion. This process is called ionization.

Nature provides for the following: a person feel good, healthy air should be enriched with a light weight ions, preference is given to the negatively charged particles.

If the condition is not met, then it affects the general state of health, which causes harm to: headaches, lethargy, fatigue, decreased immunity.

To a person feeling full, naturally formed the desired chemical composition of the air that has beneficial properties, but because it is significantly changed industrial development. A large number of vehicles, industry, appliances - all this reduces the useful level of air ionization.

What is an Air Ionizer and how it works

What is the use of air ionizer in the room or office? To understand this, you need to learn the principle of work of the device.

Ionizers - a device with special equipment, air-permeable, that it is cooled or heated, thereby saturated with negative ions, dialed useful properties.

As a rule, ionizers are equipped with air conditioning. They are arranged two electrodes, between which a high voltage. Under such exposure to water molecules dissociate into ions. Plus, the electrodes are formed useful free electrons that come down on them, combining with oxygen molecules to form additional negative ions.

Comment! Determine the degree of ionization is useful to help a dedicated device - ionometer.

The air well cleaned from smoke particles and various microorganisms acquires advantageous properties with the minimum of harm to human health.

types ionizers

Before we find out what are the benefits and harms of the air ionizer for apartments and other premises, is to get acquainted with the device classification.

According to the type of ions produced by the ionizer are:

  • Bipolar. Emit both types of mineral ions.
  • Unipolar. Emit either positive or negative. In such devices built-in timer to prevent the formation of excessive quantities of ions of the same name, which can cause more harm than good environment.

By the nature of the airflow:

  • Active. Useful flow is directed to a fan. Speed ​​increases, therefore, with the minimal amount of time necessary number of air sated mineral ions. Create sound nuisance.
  • Passive. Without a fan.

The air ionizer useful for the organism

What is the effect on the human body? Does more good or harm? Here is a list of major mineral properties:

  • It strengthens the immune system;
  • improves the functioning of the circulatory system;
  • It stimulates the appetite;
  • It increases the efficiency of the brain;
  • increases the useful performance;
  • It inhibits the aging process;
  • contributes to the normalization of the respiratory organs;
  • prevention of cancer;
  • It has an antiallergic effect;
  • reduces the effects of radiation of electronic gadgets.

Do ionizer is useful for babies

Attention! Activate the ionizer in the room for the newborn baby can be only after consultation with a pediatrician.

For parents, there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of children. In the world, the problem of the state of acute environment. Every day, she inflicted tremendous harm because of not the most useful human activity.

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This applies particularly to the cities, where there is an excess of road transport. To protect the child from harm, there must be air ionizer, which has special properties.

For the normal state of the baby is necessary to provide a humidity level of 50-70%. But naturally this is difficult to achieve. For this purpose it is necessary to use an ionizer.

The device can be used when the child is a month.

Purchase of air ionizer for the child solves several problems:

  • Allergens extracted from the air. Now children are more susceptible to allergies than 100 years ago.
  • Suspended lowered immunity.

Properties bringing harm rather than benefit:

  • The child's body gets used to the conditions, which provides an ionizer, so after a collision with the air outside can catch the disease.
  • Possible excess ions with a minus sign.

Therefore it is necessary to follow the recommendations: do not place the device close to the child and to activate the ionizer for children for a certain period of time, calculated or device, or on their own.

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