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The orange useful properties and contraindications

Benefits and harms of oranges - a topical issue because of all the citrus fruits these fruits are the most popular. It is necessary to understand their properties, to assess the benefits and product damage.

The chemical composition of oranges

Orange Citrus wonder in high demand - nutrients present in it very much. Each fruit contains:

  • potassium, sodium, zinc and copper;
  • phosphorus, manganese, calcium and iron;
  • selenium;
  • broad group of vitamin B - B1 to B12;
  • Vitamins C, A and E, causing orange benefit for the skin;
  • fiber and carotene;
  • salicylic acid;
  • monounsaturated and polyunsaturated acids.

Nutritional value and calorie orange

Basically, the composition of the fruit is represented by carbohydrates - their orange about 8 g Also presented in a small volume of proteins - 0.9 g, and very little fat in the product - not more than 0.2 g

Calorie fruit per 100g of only from 36 to 47 calories - possesses useful citrus low nutritional value and can be considered a dietary product. Calorie one orange more often is about 65 calories - if you take quite a heavy fruit.

Useful and therapeutic properties of orange

With regular use of the benefits of orange to the human body manifests itself in all spheres. several major beneficial properties of this fruit can be identified, namely:

  • cleansing - fruit lowers cholesterol, improves the blood and prevents blood clots, it is very useful for liver orange juice;
  • anti-inflammatory - salicylic acid, which is contained in the fruit, is an excellent antipyretic and antiviral agent;
  • strengthening - Citrus enhances immune resistance, it helps with anemia and anemia, regulates appetite and promotes normal liver function.

In addition, the fruit is effective against constipation. It has beneficial effects on the nervous system, helps to cope with fatigue and anxiety, eliminates fatigue and apathy.

For women

The use of orange for the woman's body is a fruit that rejuvenates the body, promotes cell renewal, protects a woman from premature aging. In addition, Orange is a good preventive measure against cancer and positive effect on hormones, because it supports the estrogen hormone balance in the body.

For men

For men, the properties of orange fruits are useful in that the vitamin C in the fruit a beneficial effect on future fertility - improving the quality of the genetic material. During the child's planning to use citrus is highly recommended for men. Also fruit proactively protects against strokes and heart attacks, which are particularly prone representatives of the stronger sex.

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