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In Asia and Africa, has traditionally people use household camels - strong and hardy animals, the use of the content, which is huge. They not only carry people through the endless desert, but also nourish them. Benefits and harms of camel milk have long become the subject of research for scientists and physicians around the world. And our ancestors left us numerous legends about the healing properties of the unique properties of this product.

What kind of drink

Camel milk is not much different from the cow. A slight difference can be seen in the shade. Cow's milk has a yellowish color, while the camel - white, as a first untouched snow. Therefore, it is very difficult to fake: when diluted cow's milk, it immediately loses its benefits and properties, will acquire a yellow tint. And it completely gives unscrupulous manufacturers.

Fresh and warm camel milk has a pungent odor. The properties of its taste is also slightly different: salty and pleasant enough, however, he is not much different from the cow. The taste may vary slightly depending on how and what to eat camel in the last days, and how many drank the liquid. On the day of one animal gives 5 to 15 liters of useful milk. However, the milking process is slightly different than that of a cow or a goat.

In many countries, it is only men do. To camel agreed to milking, it is necessary to allow to approach camel. Often, only in this case, you can draw some in a bucket of milk. Naturally, the hungry and impatient "child" would interfere with the labor-intensive process, pushing all the time under the hand of his little face and shoving Doynikov from maternal udder.

Composition and calorie beverage

Useful properties of camel milk due to its unusual composition. Vitamin C in it is contained in 3 and more times than in the milk of other animals. In hot arid countries of vegetables and fruit tend to be deficient. The benefits of camel milk is that it helps to compensate for people living in difficult environmental conditions, lack of nutrients. Moreover Bedouin beverage rich in vitamins K, A, D, E, W.

10 times the iron content in camel milk than in cow's, and therefore benefit from its properties much more. In this case it lacks casein trudnousvaivaemoy form (A1), which often becomes the cause of allergic reactions, especially in children. Therefore, those babies who have manifested allergic to normal milk, transfer to food products with less aggressive properties. And such a beverage and desert.

Benefits and harms of camel milk and its properties are somewhat different than that of the cow. First of all, phosphorus indicators, calcium, potassium, sodium, amino acid diversity. Camel milk is able to stay longer fresh, even in extreme heat. This is due to the fact that the drink has a high concentration of natural antibiotics.

Camel milk cow loses only one: less beneficial bacteria (lactobacilli and bifidobacteria). But at the same time, camel milk is well absorbed and serves as an excellent food for the intestinal microflora. The product is a natural probiotic and increases the number of beneficial bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract.

Fat in milk and meat of camels little. All its stock is in the hump of the animal. Therefore, as meat and milk, do not leave behind a heaviness in the stomach and body, give vigor and energy. In addition, the fat in camel milk is represented by shorter molecular chains. This structure allows for quicker and easier to digest that brings undoubted benefits to the stomach. Harm can be obtained only in the presence of certain types of gastrointestinal diseases.

Despite the fact that the fat content of camel milk is somewhat less cow, the use of the caloric had significantly higher (83 kcal). Scientists came to the conclusion that this precious drink in its composition closer to breast milk than in cow. Therefore, using it frequently suckle babies in the Arab world, where all the benefits and harm of the product, its properties have been studied for centuries.

Tip! Camel milk may be subjected to freezing. Due fatty acids it does not curdle at room temperature and useful properties remain the same as fresh.

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